First grow, ILGM fem WW, QBs, DWC

My light is on from 930 at night to 930 in the morning. I opened up the tent this morning and FINALLY got hit with that smell.

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finally starting to see some amber.




My goal was a gram per watt. Probably aimed too high for my first grow, but I’ll know soon.

Looks great, no matter the weight! :+1:

Flush is at 2 weeks. Flowering for 10 weeks. Still don’t have 20% amber. I either need to chop or start feeding again. Any advice?


She’s super frosty.


Yeah… dry trimming it is. This sucks.

Lookin super frosty… :crazy_face:


4’x4’ drying.


8 gallons worth of root mass.


Wow really nice

:+1: Thanks

Very nice :+1:

She smells like hay right now. I’m hoping drying and curing work that out.

Need help. Got home from work and my dry space was 97° and 25% rh. Trying to correct it now. I’m thinking of moving everything to totes with paper bag strips. Not sure that’s a good idea though. I know I need to do something though.

How do they feel? Crunchy, or still have some give?

Kinda crunchy but there’s still some give. Stems don’t snap yet. They crease and bend.

I cut one up for wifey, and my fingers got sticky. She roasted and it does NOT hold a flame. :grin: plus, she high AF.

Get the environment in check in your drying space, and it should still be fine. It’ll probably be dry faster, but there’s still some moisture there, and the cure will help.