First grow, ILGM fem WW, QBs, DWC

Hey everyone. Started my first grow in April. I’m 7 weeks into flower.

ILGM Fem White Widow (just one plant from seed)
4’x4’ tent
425 cfm blower with carbon canister
Multiple fans inside trent
600w at the wall with QB132 boards
GH3 nutes
Tap water with 180ppm TDS

Lots of cloudy trichomes (almost all), but no amber yet. She doesn’t really smell. Anyone else with ILGM WW fem seeds experience this?

The fan leaves on the largest colas are yellowing. I’ve read that this could be normal, but I’m still getting nervous about it.



ONE PLANT??? jeez…you gonna get the academy award for LST for sure.

Nice looking Lady. Din see any yellowing leaves. If they are yellowing…it is common and no problem.
would like to know how much your wet weight when you harvest.


I feel.they still have some.times to go! Various phenotype will have various flowering time, not.sure whats the time on WW but I would say 2 more weeks still

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LOL. I did do a lot of LST. I was going to SCRoG originally, but an emergency took me away from the grow for a month. When I got back it had overgrown the screen too the point I couldn’t tuck without damaging it. I pulled the screen, but now realize I should have left it just for support. The weight keeps knocking the colas down.

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You can see the yellow pretty well with the light off.


Yes that is natural. Minimize ur nitrogen feed (if possible or u havent already). The yellowing is the plant taking the green from the leaves an cannabilizing itself. Perfectly natural and a good way to get rid of that harsh taste some weed has. Let her rock on. Btw that girls is AMAZING! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Thank you. :+1:

Your good brother! Just keep doing what your doing. Your going to have a nice harvest in a couple of weeks!

My my my what a beauty you have there! I too would be interested in the total yeild of this gal!!

Thanks for all the input. I’ll post wet and dry numbers when I harvest.

4 AK47 autos going in next. Looking forward to those. At least it won’t be an 80 day veg and 70 day flower again. LOL

That’s beautiful good job

I’ve given up on trying to keep the colas upright.

I’ve read two schools of thought on flushing. I’ve read that flush should be a couple of a week to 2 weeks in soil and hydro, but also that flush only needs to be 3-4 days in hydro. 3-4 days makes more sense to me because the plant has to consume its own nutrients as soon as I remove the nutes. Any opinion on that?

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she’s definitely frosty.


I wish I had that problem with the flowers being so big they fall over

My my my… look at that lady go!

Also ima soil guy so :man_shrugging:t5: Besides u look like u know what the heck ur doing

I wouldn’t say I know what I’m doing yet, but I know how to find info and follow instructions. LOL

I’m looking forward to trying soil. I want to get a few DWC and a few ebb and flows under my belt first though.

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I’ll admit that it’s not a problem I’m sad to have. :+1:

Your getting close… still have time to go… plants should be starting to smell by now… although some of my whitewhidow plants have done that in the past… didn’t really smell until they hit the jars… :wink:
You should just stick with the dwc… you just need one good light…
A 630 watt cmh and you would really rock that spot… up to 4 pounds possibly… lots of dedication and you could pull it off… :wink:
Nice job tho…

I don’t know what I’d do with 4 pounds. LOL I can’t even imagine what that’d look like in a tent.

Just realized i never included my light. 8 QB132s in 3500k. The 4 in the cross are on for veg, and all 8 for flower. The burple is a Meizhi 600 I bought originally. Returned it after I built this one.