First grow. I think i had low ph.?

So im in flower on a bag seed, which turned out to be autos. Came from what i was told was lemon haze.
Growing in soil, fox farm ocean forest. 4 100w full spectrum leds 80w led and a 65 w led. All full spectrum from box. Fox farm trio of nutes. So im noticing brown spots and specks on the leaves. Not quite sure what is happening.

Temps have been 50 to 55 f. Humidity low 48 high 55

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Also any idea how much longer before harvest?

At least several weeks (~4-6?). Once the pistils turn mostly brownish-red, you will be close.

Are you giving and Cal-Mag?

What are your run-off numbers like? pH of water in?

Ph of water in is 6.6 The ph was low on run off like 5.9. I used lime to raise it to 6.8

@GhostGrow . . . . Night time temps are way too low. Never let temps drop below 60 at night time/lights out.

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Sry i was watching tv and smoking when posting. Temps are 70s. 70 to 75. I didnt mean to put 50s.

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