First Grow: Hydroponics DWC.. White Widow & Gorilla Glue#4 (auto flowering) These Girls Keep Me Hopping LoL!

3x3x6’ Tent… 450watt Meizhi LED Light… 14/10 Light Schedule… Nutes: GH Flora Duo At 1/2 Strength & Armor Si Silica… pH is kept at 5.8… No Inline Exhaust Yet… Need To Make A Space Bucket (Ona) Soon As WW Is Reeking Already!

Day 28: WW on left … GG on right

Germination was a breeze using the water method H202…both seeds popped same day… but, both had taproot issues… both were stunted.

WW is 4" tall at 28 days… lowered light from 24" to 19" above her last night. Is this ok? @dbrn32@Donaldj Should I be doing any cultivation on her yet (removing fan leaves and/or bottom leaves)?

Here’s GG at 28 days… has been stunted badly but never stopped showing life. As of 1 week ago she finally has some roots in water and giving me more growth daily but looks to me as if she has split into 2 plants (twins??) Her 1st cotyledons died off in the beginning and next day she popped a new set!! @Donaldj … any idea what’s going on here… do you see 2 separate plants?

Thanks so much in advance for all assistance :herb::leaves::herb::rose:

More pix to come showing germination technique, tap root issues, stunted growth and… new growth, etc.


A topping would be a an option for you but I wouldn’t remove the power plant fans leaves myself

does indeed look like 2 plants and does happen at times though also may be result of it losing cotyledon leafs which may have been result of a stem split and acted just like topping. Now roots are in nutrient solution it should do something :wink: Still in veg I would’ve left light around 20-22" closer you get equals less footprint and you will want the added intensity during flower more than veg


I would change your lights to 16/8 they will flower early at 14/10 I’ve done it for 3 grows it works but some strains will flower early on you just so you know :wink:


I agree with @Donaldj, you’re probably better off with light a little higher right now. Plants aren’t stretching, good indicator they have enough light intensity.

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Removed this part of journal it’s now in… Indoor: The Grow.

Sorry for late Thank You & Reply… I did change light to 22". Found out GG is only 1 plant not a double… she’s grown quite a bit where I can observe her better… found some root rot beginning & brown slime in bucket… a lil H202 cleared it up. Now my WW is having issues so I attached a Support Ticket. Thanks so much for all of your help :wink:

I’m running late on Thank Yous & Replies. Thanks Hogmaster…I changed the lights to 16/8… so glad you advised me on this :wink:

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Thank you dbrn… I changed the lights to 22" & light schedule to 16/8. Anud of course they have good light intensity… you picked out a great light for me…Love my Meizhi :wink: