First grow, how these looking? Plus how long seeds last?

I got some gold leaf and white widow auto flower seeds but instead of white widow i got given super skunkk but to be honest, i think id rather the super skunk any way… there were some issues with the first shipment so i ended up getting some random seeds off some friends and started growing them a good two weeks before i got two of the ilgm seeds germinated. Hence why in the photo the two in the middle ones are a bit smaller. My question is, how they all looking(my first grow)? And how long will the seeds keep for? I have them stored in a cool dark place.

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Well I am growing some seeds this year that were at least 12 years old and they are growing great. So I would say they can store for a long time lol. Now on your grow they look healthy to me hope they stay that way for ya. Happy growing!


oh wow thats awesome, thanks ryry, i think im gonna start a grow journal now :slight_smile:

Good luck my friend I’m just waiting for mine to be done. You know in about 5 weeks lmao dang waiting

nice!!! any photos?

Yep I do I have posted some

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