First grow how am I doing

My first indoor grow been around cannabis plants a lot in my life but never grew on my own until this year! I am growing 3 bag seed plants and have no clue the strain at all… ran into a lot of issues as seedlings and stunted my plants several weeks problems were to much temp and humidity variation early on as well as some over watering didn’t have my tent dialed in and in the area I live in the spring we can get 50 to 60 degree temp swings through out a 24 hour period not ideal… I have 2 setups a 2x4 tent and a 4x4x6.5… I have the photo bag seeds in the 2x4 flowering with a Viparspectra p2000 pro series QB about 200 true watts really digging the light so far. … and also have 3 superskunk auto strain in my 4x4 with 2- Viparspectra p1000’s and a Viparspectra reflector 450W running around 400 true watts in that tent those plants are growing very well… I’m here to learn I’m just growing for my wife and myself not too worried about quantity… basically after I got my photos healthy again I let them go a couple more weeks with a little bit of training kinda turned into a bonsai project not to worried about those plants have no idea what the genetics are basically just want to see what everybody thinks of these plants what you guys and gals think of the buds so far… my photos are 3 weeks into transition (when I flipped light) I started to see hairs 1 week ago exactly and here’s how they look:


I’m growing these in promix when I started feeding I’m using light dosage foxfarms line… what kind of buds do you think I can expect haven’t heard to much about this light but it is lacking in IR and UV light wish I had a smaller reflector series to supplement but we will see haha

Welcome to the forum. They look really happy. I started out with Vipar Specra lights. They’re not the best in the world by any means, but they work, and since you have multiple fixtures in use I think you should do fairly well!


Thanks! Just glad I got them nursed back to health and are doing good in there start of flower! I had bought the “blurple” without doing a lot of research and then realized it was missing a lot of the spectrum so I started looking and researching and heard the the new 2020 pro series QB’s were actually decent for the price just missing the IR and UV figured hanging the 3 together with the reflector in the middle would be decent for my first indoor grow but plan on updating and getting better equipment as soon as I can thanks!


Ide say ur doing pretty good. They look happy and healthy


AC85-265, a decent 1500 watt LED. Got a port 7x15 green house in my yard. Using 4 of these as supplemental lights , extending days. Lots of light, two settings or both on for full spectrum. Only 159 actual watts each.

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Welcome to the forum @krdorset is this your first grow ur doing?

7×15 is a really big space. Are u planning to fill it up? If so u would have to have over 4k true watts to have a nice grow

trying to keep it down around 2000 watts, and still got plenty of light for my setup. It got used for a headstart on our veggie garden, we’re about 2-3 wks ahead on veggies.
Got two 4x4 hydro trays and some shelving for plants. It’ll be full enough. Plan to separate into grow room and flowering room. And more Autoflower. Winter will be storage of some garden plants, grapes, strawberries, and such, in pots. I’ve been heating with kerosene, so lots of carbon dioxide for the plants. Year round grow is my goal.

Hey you know you can go to jail for that in Texas? Thats why Im in Canada! Its also bigger than Texas!
The plants look really healthy though! A tad small for my liking but hey we like things big here in the great state of BC! Oh sorry province…
I took the day off work to smoke too much weed and plany with my plants! Which are growing like a weed!

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Oh yeah, 1000 watt Led per 4x4 will kill it! Big time! If the fixture has good strips. Thats loads of light!

Hahaha friggin canadian potheads. :grinning::joy::rofl::joy: i love this site

The lasses look great. Good job bringing em back from death. Transition is usully around 2 weeks. And u have full buttons (buds look like buttons) thus week 1 of full flower.

Also welcome to the site @Teffygreenthumb and @krdorset


These are my super skunk autos from ILGM in coco and perlite watering And a lite feeding every other day when pots are lightish… would of loved to treat as a hybrid hydro system but too busy most days and don’t have that kinda set up yet been treating it as soil… do they look alright they’ve been growing really tight and bushy leaves seem a little off compared to my photo periods?Maybe that’s just the way they are I have 3 all look like triplets and are the exact same age

they are 36 days old from sprout I believe

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Nice bushes! They do look pretty tightly noded. What kind of lights u running at what height?

Yeah hoping they will start stretching in the next few weeks just started throwing pistils I’ve used LST pretty heavily haha I’ve got 2 viper pro series p1000’s QB’s 100 watts a piece on each side and a 450 viper reflector in the middle around 400 true watts and right now the lights are about 20 inches I believe rotating plants every other day between the 3 different style lights

That intensity maybe keeping em squat. Try jacking em up a few inches for a week or so. Ull get more stretch without having to flower

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Sweet thanks man what do you suggest in height

Since ur at 20… 24-26 would be a start. U can go for 30 and force em up but that eliminates the point of having good lighting


Any idea what this could be there in coco and perlite fox farms trio havent started bloom nutes I also have open seseme beastie blooms and cha Ching waiting to use don’t have the slightest clue what this is and I supplement cal mag every feeding

Still looks a bit like calmag.

U are pH’ing your feed solution after mixing/before pouring correct? And have u ever checked runoff? A lockout could make it seem as tho no feed is there.