First Grow, how am I doing?

Hi there everyone. I’m a pretty good gardener and smoke a ton of cannabis so I decided to try my first grow this year. First the background information I suppose. I live in oregon near eugene and I have two plants outside in 35 gallon fabric smart pots. I have an obama kush and a sunset sherbet. I’m using nature’s pride veg and now bloom fertilizer. I was feeding them about a full four finger pinch one a week until about 2 weeks ago. Now I feed them twice a week. I’m feeding full bloom fertilizer at this point. The obama started flowering around the beginning of August so, if my understanding is correct, I should be looking tì harvest around first week of October. The sunset is about 2-3 weeks behind the obama in flowering. I currently have them in a greenhouse in the backyard. I had been spraying with SNS 209 all natural systemic pest control, but I haven’t wanted to spray them since they started flowering so I’m mainly using ladybugs now. I just released a new batch of ladybugs this morning. There is a street light (one of the orange ones of it matters) about 60 feet away from the back corner of the greenhouse across the street, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting it that I’ve noticed. I really didn’t prune at all because I read you should just let your plant do it’s thing your first grow. I’ve been seeing a few yellowing leaves, especially on the sunset, lately but my local supply store says that is fairly normal when flowering. Other than that I’ve noticed a drop in my soil PH lately. It had been up around 6.5-7.0 until about a week or two ago and now I’m struggling to keep it above 6.0. Any advice there? So that is about it. I’ll post a few pictures but mainly just wanted to get some advice from you seasoned growers so I can finish my plants out strong. Thank you.


They look really good. It’s true that leaves will start to yellow as you get closer to harvest, also the cooler weather will make them turn colors. Have you been using Ph Up to stabilize the ph? That would be my recommendation.

Where did you find Obama Kush seeds?! I’ve got to get some of those.

I live in oregon so I was able to just buy clones for both plants.

Also I haven’t used any type of PH amendments but I’m going to swing by my local grow supply shop today.

I heard when you smoke the Obama Kush you start taking credit for things that someone else does. Sorry had to make a political joke.

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Unsulphured molasses, Tablespoon per (warm water) gallon throughout the rest of the flowering and flush when you water, watch for moth larvae and caterpillars. Very nice lady you have there.

Thank you. So I don’t measure my water; I just water from the hose with the rain head on. I fill up the plant until I see it running out the sides near the bottom or it isn’t taking up the water quickly. I also use a water meter to test soil moisture before watering. The main pests I’ve seen so far are little fly type bugs, aphids earlier in the season and a few black dots (which I came to find out were the worst of the worst, spider mites). This the rounds of 1500 ladybugs spread between the two plants. Most of them escaped the tent to the rest of the garden last time. Anyway I’ll keep checking under the leaves and such. Thank you for the reply.

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What a thing of beauty wow…