First Grow...How am I doing so far?


Not sure if this is really a journal, but I’ll update the final weeks of the grow as it goes along. My goal posting this is to get some feedback from everyone and then maybe a few questions answered that I’m unsure of.

First off, plant #1 details and pics.

White Widow Fem purchased from ILGM. Soil Grown, 3 gallon Smart Pots in Happy Farms Ocean Forest soil. PH’d @ 6.4, using Dyna-Grow Bloom Nutes. Lights at 12/12.

Veg 3 weeks, but humidity was quite low for most of it (35%). Day 32 of flower.

Veg and started flowering with only this light. On Day 14 of flower, plant #1 was 7.5" tall, and 10" x 12" wide.

On Day 15 of flower, I added this one to the tent. By day 25 this plant had grown to 13" tall, and 14" x 14" wide. As of today, #1 is over 15" tall.

First off, is this on schedule? does it look like it is supposed to look this many days into flower?

Second, about how much upward growth should I expect before this plant is ready for harvest? And how tall should I expect this bud to grow up from the plant?

Also, any suggestions?


Looks like your doing a great job, they look how they are supposed to for their age, they will stretch about half of their flower cycle, and fill out the other half of the cycle.

How big the bus will get depends on how much room the roots have to grow, light wattage in room, temps, humidity, and what you feed it every thing factors in during flower time


That’s exactly where you want humidity at in flower .


Actually the 35% humidity is supposed to be in the last couple weeks of flowering, all the way up until the final week humidity should be 40-50%, however I’m not saying your wrong, as every one does have their own way of doing things


Yeah, but would having the humidity that low during veg slow its development?


Thanks, and good to know they look like they’re supposed to. I guess I’m just being overly nervous with this being my first grow. I’ve had so much fun with this grow that I’ve decided to put together a cucumber tent in the fall for indoor cucumbers.

Anyway, I’m going to take better shots of plant #2 today. Thanks all!


Sweet!! Can’t wait to see the progress


Here’s #2. WW Fem, 3 gallon Smart Pot. She stands 10" tall and has grown pretty wide, about 18" or so.

I HST’d her on day 13 of flower. I was planning on culling a plant because I had 3 in my tent, and so I figured I’d see what bending her stem would do. Here’s the result.