First grow. Hoping for some advice along the way from some experienced growmies!

@dbrn32 you were eventually going to get a tag from me as well. Saw a lot of knowledge being shared by you on here as well. Thanks for tuning in.


Well, here’s one plant that has just started flowering, so it will take up a little more room as it matures. Times this times 17.


and then times two for stretch then add some swelling hopefully

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Keep the plants centered under the light. It will be a reach to cover 5x5. PPFD drops a bunch.

I have not seen many SOG using autoflowers. At least at that scale. It will be fun to see how they progress. Good luck


I’ve got a bunch of yellow extremely dried up leaves. I’m guessing I over watered, will they be able to bounce back from this?

Them yellow leaves wont, hopefully the tops keep making new green growth and it outgrows that part. If it’s the first limb or two, the one with just one leaf often gets tossed anyway

this is how critical this is, I just watered today, about 22 days above soil. I got the top damp (a pint maybe) before I added the wood chips. the compost was damp when I mixed the soil. Besides that they never been watered. yesterday’s pic

not that my grows are perfect but just trying to show how much they can do without watering

Hope they’re doing ok. The watering thing is a bit hard to get used to. When stuff like that is happening a pic is worth a thousand words

These 2 seemingly got it the worst.

I drilled ALOT of holes into the sides of all of my pots. They’re plastic (obviously) and only had holes in the bottom. These are 14 days in and haven’t been watered so I kinda got worried even though my meter was reading that the soil was still wet. Lesson learned I guess :man_facepalming:

Put the soil moisture meter in a box and bury it your garage somewhere. While your plants are small water slowly in a ring around outside of pot. 8-10oz or so probably enough right now, then lift pot to get a weight reference. When you can pick up and feels light water again. Also, try to water around time lights come on.

You don’t have long before you’ll be able to completely soak pot.


Hahahaha, meter is no good huh?

3 in 1 that also measures ph and light intensity?

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Just wetness and ph. No light intensity.

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My 4x4 tent is totally filled with 5 banana kush auto flower plants with seeds from Robert. Your tent must be huge!!! Good luck, Buy your supplies in bulk as you’re going to need it. Here’s a look at mine at 11 weeks.


It also looks like you can begin to start your low stress training techniques. On my last grow are used metal landscaping bricks to hold back branches. I think it worked really well. I find it much easier to adjust than using wire/string methods

I really didn’t look at my reply very well. On my last grow i used metal landscaping stakes….

I don’t intend to lst. Going to trim up the bottom 50-75% of the plant on day 1 of flowering. Focusing on the top couple of colas only.

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That would be a lot easier to maintain when you have that many plants growing at once. I’ll be watching good luck

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