First Grow home made cylindrical grow tent with led , cfl and uvb lights

Good news! the Jamaicans are female very happy!

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The buds are filling up nicely

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So i am starting to think about drying…Made a drying bin with a computer fan on a speed control that will exit into my grow tent. so i can control the stink…hope it works.


Update on the buds…very happy! Had to move the jamaicans and white queen out of the tent …too crowded I think 4 plants max for the space


nice bud pics! Are you satisfied with your setup so far? Looks like it’s getting the job done!

Hi @bob31 Thanks! Yes very happy… i think it was a good move getting the higher watt CFLs for flower, and if i keep it to 4 plants

cool, sounds good. Keep me posted on the “stink box” I’m interested to see if that works for you.

:+1: :+1: :+1: Outta Likes!

Just like the weather …Its getting cloudy…won’t be long now.


The white Queen…under 2 100 watt cfls till i have room in the tent

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More bud porn…

AK 47


Looking real good I think, I especially like the purple mmmm, any purple I like to smoke!

@Happygro, I read your thread and your plants are really impressive. My plants are 3 weeks from sprout today and seems like your plants at 23 days were twice or more the size of mine…also noticed you added nutes at 10 days… I was under impression that you don’t do that until sugar leaves come off? Guess I’m interested in your secrets? What strain are those and why the clay pellets? I mostly see those in hydro setup a? Sorry for all the ?'s… Thx for any feedback

Thanks @Manny_FTGUTube… not sure where the purple came from, but i will take it.

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I’ve read that it’s mostly genetics in the plants when the temps are regular 70s to low 80s. What strain is that again? But I’ve also read that you can basically turn any buds purple while keeping it at a super low temperature some break out at 55 but some also need a push and will go as low as 45 to start the purple but idk if that would stress the plant. Again just things I’ve read on the interweb.

Hi @Zombo Not sure i have any secrets… I am going all organic…from what i have learned its all about lights, environment, and soil. you want to have living soil …meaning full of microbes and enzymes. the products i have been using are enzymes and organic fertilizer with microbes…I have not fed these plants much at all. I am growing Amnesia Haze and AK47 .The clay pellets are used to prevent trenching when watering. Hope i answered your questions.

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Nice work. I like your circular creation. I am going to try that myself. The drying box you made me laugh. I added an extra line going into my tent when I built it for the same reason. Used a large PVC valve to close it. When I am ready to dry I will add the line to the box like yours to dry but reduce smell.

Greta Job! Keep it up.



looks good @Astrocreep its all about using the light you have…i will keep you informed on the drybox

Field of green…White Queen

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White Queen and jamaican just vegging out

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@Astrocreep I like the color of your plants…so many tooooo much green…keep up the good work