First grow hermie

This was “my” first grow and did so with the help of my brother who has grow several grows in the past, but by no stretch a pro. I was excited to get my seeds ( as I live in Canada I can’t purchase from ILGM my seeds came from dutch seed bank ) I received 22 Bruce Banner seeds. I had one hell of a time even getting any of these seeds to germ, had nothing viable in first 22, got a replacement batch and only got 1 to germ in 5 seeds. So I ran with the 1 seedling. Let me tell you, she grew massive, very quickly, and I seemed to have waited too long to go to flower as she grew too tall for the grow room. I spoke to my guy that I bought my equipment from and he said just to keep bending the branches until harvest. I should also mention that I took 3 clones from her in veg, 2 of which I gave away, the other I gave to my room mate and he grew in his own grow tent. I got to a certain point ( about week 6 of flower ) and she just started to plain out die, so I decided to harvest early. It was at this point I noticed she was loaded with seeds. I checked closely at the clone, same thing, loaded with seeds. My brother thinks it was just bad seeds as we couldn’t germ with any success. I wasted a lot on power and nutes and don’t know if I should even try to grow any more of these seeds or just buy new, what are your thoughts?

Strain; Bruce Banner #2

Soil in pots, Pomix in pots

System type? manual water

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Don't check Ph as I use Ph Perfect Sensi Grow/Bloom

What is strength of nutrient mix?  as directed by Advanced Nutrients

Indoor or Outdoor  Indoor

Light system, size? 400 watt Mh/HPS

Temps; Day, Night  Day 78-81/ night ~70

Humidity; unknown

Ventilation system; 420 CFM inline fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - none

Co2; No

I have no pictures left.

Thanks guys.

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Hermi’s happen; particularly with feminized seeds. Any departure from their happy nominal and you risk them turning on you. I had one go due to a heat wave that saw them exposed to 115 F for several days. Only one seeded and it was all over, all at once. The other two remained female, thank goodness.

Anything environmental happen with this plant? Too hot? Too cold? PH departure? Did you ever check to make sure your feeding regimen was indeed correct?

Is it possible there was a male somewhere upwind?

Thanks for your response. There didn’t seem to be anything environmental. I was meticulous with the feeding and watering. 2 things I can think of however, since the plant grew so big, so fast, I wondered about root bound. After I discarded the old stock I took a look and there were a lot of roots, very thick. I thought this is why it up and died but could this also be what caused the hermie? While this was “my” first grow, my room-mate grew a plant in his room that we had got in some weed. It turned out to be male. I thought we got rid of it in time, and even so, how long would the pollen live because it was 2-3 months after that was discarded that I tried again.

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I think you just kinda answered your own question. Pollen lives a long long time. You need to do a deep clean in your grow areas


There’s your problem right there.

I would do a good wash down with something like peroxide before growing in that space again. Nice to know you found the cause.