First grow here we go! 💚

Oh man, I relate to this! I have an auto who is in preflower and I wonder if she wouldn’t be happier outdoors to finish out her days. And then I think about all the pests and heat and utter lack of humidity and start stressing!!! :rofl:

Your girls will be happy and healthy outdoors! Just keep an eye out for bugs!

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I have a plan to reduce pests! :green_heart: Neem foliar spray for vegetative phase, Bt for flowering phase, and a UV flashlight to pick off caterpillars every night to feed to my chickens. (Although I do this UV light thing with my tomatoes and once you pick some off it normally takes a week or two before more show up.) I am also going to fertilize with neem seed meal so that will help too. Aloe gel powder and potassium silicate with each watering to help keep them healthy despite any pests that may get through my defense system.

I’m more worried about the sunlight. I have them in front of my house where they get direct sunlight all day but their permanent (stealthy) location will get 4-5 hours of direct sunlight at the most. :confused: They are so happy with all this light they are getting now! But they need to be moved to a bigger pot so… it is what it is I guess.

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As long as they’re getting some form of indirect sunlight for most of the day rather than absolute shade, I think they’ll be alright!

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Alright! They are in the ground! We’ll sort of. They are in the planters they will stay in. I planted them 2 days ago and they look so green and happy after the move! :green_heart: I’m going to make dollies this weekend so I can wheel them around for more morning light. The tomato cages are because I don’t trust my chickens. :joy: Not that my chickens spend much time in the middle of the yard but jic.

With this transplant I also planted cover crop seeds, the basil in each pot has been living there for a month or so, wrapped the black planter in burlap (loosely) to bring down soil temps, and dead lawn clippings for mulch. Keeping an eye out for pests and will top feed with neem seed meal to deter them. I thought I’d let them adjust for a few days first.

My soil was mostly terrible cheap dirt mixed with sand so I added a few cups of happy frog that I took from my mom, (she had no idea what she bought), and a few hands fulls of worm castings.


Growing like weeds! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::green_heart:

Marge continues to be bigger. Is that pre-flower I’m seeing!?

Penny got some nitrogen burn from top feeding with neem seed meal. But she’s surviving and thriving.

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Sure looks like it might be! Look at your girls go! They sure didn’t mind the outdoors at all. :sparkling_heart:

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