First-grow here: 12 weeks of Northern Lights since planting, ready to harvest or wait more? (photos)

My first grow.

Northern Light Auto (Indica)

Planting = 27-05-2020
today = 20-08-2020

total = 12 weeks and 1 day (85 days)

I am using a 60x magnifying glass and I can see that only a few trichomes (about 5%) are amber ON TOP BUD. The rest of the plant most trichomes are transparent and cloudly (50%-50% I guess).

I want more a head high than a body high.

Wait more or harvest now?

Full plant =
Top bud = | |
Bottom bud = |

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I’d personally wait till closer to 15-20% amber but you could totally harvest it right now but looking at it again you do have a few pale pistils up top and you can harvest different parts at different times ( though I’d leave the fan leaves on to slow the dry) but it looks super close gratz on the grow

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@voodoo1911 like @GreenSnek said if you can wait a week.

Thank you guys! I’ll wait! Sure!