First grow. Help!?


Hi guys,

I hope you can help. Does she look okay? It’s my first grow and I’m a little anxious. It’s been 2 days since she spouted. 2 roots have came through the bottom. Should I transplant yet into something bigger?

Thank you!
Photos attached.


Yes shes ready for transplant, either into half gallon or
1 gallon planters. She looks great, good luck and give me a shout with @ in front of my name like @Dr.DankThumb420 if you need more advice


Thanks so much @Dr.DankThumb420

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Be careful not to over water, she just needs to be misted at this stage from waterbottle

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And also be careful to not break the dirt around her… Good luck.
Nice to see you @Dr.DankThumb420… How do you do?


Yes also good point. Im good myself and you?, go have a look at my gorilla glue thread if u havent seen it and we can chat there if youd like so we dont clog this thread up @M4ur

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Welcome to the forum @Thirty1O96
Your girl looks great
@Dr.DankThumb420 has you pointed in the right direction transplant asap
Most of us will transplant when we see the root showing
Was just wondering what strain is it ? Or os it a bag seed ?
Photo or auto ?
Happy growing :v:️CB

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Thanks again guys.
@Countryboyjvd1971 it’s Gold Leaf from ILGM. Have you had any experiences growing it?


welcome to ILGM
and no nutrients till 5 sets of true leafs ok



I just chopped down 2 GL’s and another in jars that is my favorite evening smoke.

It’s a vigorous strain and potent. Fairly easy to grow. I got yields in excess of 8 oz per plant indoors.


I have just finished a grow with the gold leaf @Thirty1O96
Its a hardy plant and the smells are wonderful
My plants suffered a little bit while dealing with a dying mother but i still got 5 ounces off ea plant

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Excellent to hear. Thankyou all for the prompt responses and advice. This is the best forum I have been on for support. Expect more questions from me haha.

Montana :v:

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