First grow, help me plan properly!


I want to mix hps and mh and uv in one hood… that’s the goal anyway… :wink:
Around 1200 watts from the wall… :grin:



You don’t get enough ir from hps?


I meant uv … sorry about that… :wink:


No worries. Have you looked at those dual cmh fixtures with the two cmh bulbs and spot in middle to install up to 750 watt hps? Seems about perfect.


No I have not… I’m pretty crafty and already have huge hoods for all kinds of room for improvement with what I’ve already got… but I will look into that setup for sure… thks my friend… :grin:



No problem! I took a quick look but couldn’t find it. I’ll try to look more later.


@dbrn32 okay so I went through @Redeyedranger first grow and that is some epic shit, and you’re a legend helping him build those lights bro! I dont have the money or experience to build those leds, i spent all day at work acting like i was working and going through as many grows as I can lol im a graphic designer for a cultivation company and Im planning on bouncing my full set up off the head grower (just recently started cant be bsing at work, so i gotta chill lol) but anyway im just going to order the seeds and get started I figure I can figure out the lights as I go


my ocd high ass trying to start out perfectly, I realize this isnt really possible


Don’t sweat it. I’ll be more than happy to help you with lights whenever you’re ready. There are quite a few members here that have built their own. Look around some, not hard to find at all. Welcome to group too!