First grow harvesting/drying questions

Hi everyone! I believe I’m getting close to the end of my first grow. I’m confused on when exactly to chop though. I have a good amount of oranged pistils but some white still and the trichomes appear to be mostly cloudy. Really not sure how much longer I need to go.
It’s a ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto.
Sprouted on September 9th

I’m also wondering whats the best temp and humidity to keep my tent at while drying and how long until I transfer to jars for curing.
I know some of the buds are further along than the others so can I cut whats ready and let the rest mature more?
Any and all info/recommendations are welcome. Like i said, first grow and learning as I go.
Thanks in advance!


Wow that’s alot of pictures dang my data lol.

Your a bit from harvest yet, still to many white pistils. But of course keep a close eye on tricombs on the buds themselves not sugar leafs.

Mostly cloudy is what you want, depending on how muhh couch lock you want will depend on how much amber you want I say 20% is average for a indica you can push it a bit more if you want.
Your at 0% Amber so keep letting her swell.

You want 50% humidty and room temp, with a bit of airflow.
This is where controllers come in handy, Remeber before you chop let it sit in darkness for 3 days straight. This helps convert the last bit of thc.


Haha. Sorry! I tried getting all the pictures I could in one shot. I have an AC Infinti so I can keep it dialed in pretty good. Humidity sits at around 40-50% normally with no help. Should I have a humidifier in there to bring it up and keep it at 50% or is that not worth the risk of mold? On the pistils should they all be oranged and colored all the way down to the buds?

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“cannabis VPD chart” save and refer to it.
Last week of flower drop your humidity as low as you can.

Pistils will mostly mature yes, go look at bud pictures you’ll notice you don’t really see any clear pistils on them but again watch tricombs closely on your buds when pistils start mostly looking mature.

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Thank you very much. I’ve stayed as close to the VPD chart as I could thru the grow. I just checked last night and still no amber anywhere so still waiting.

Hello I came across your thread after reading another thread. You have some beautiful colas. It all depends on what potency you want your smoke. I’m on my 4th good grow and after trying harvesting with cloudy trichomes is what I like that way I get a good high but not couch locked cause I’m retired and I enjoy smoking thru the day but still motivated to take care of things around my house, new puppy and growing and husband not retired yet. Take a small bud and set it somewhere warm like sunny window, let it dry and smoke it see what you think of course it will be smoother after it’s cured good. :blush: I’m @Amazon66 if you have anything I might be able to help you with tag me. :christmas_tree:

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As long as it’s making white pistils it’s not ready. :sun_with_face:

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Are you giving only water no nutes for last couple of weeks before harvest it’ll make your plants less harsh. When you harvest I was told not to dry plants where you still have other plants growing.

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@Amazon66, Thank you very much for the info. I ended up harvesting her last Thursday morning. The trichomes were all cloudy finally. She was moving slow there at the end. I had her hanging in my tent and she dried out quicker than I wanted so I trimmed her up and jarred her Tuesday evening. Had to throw some leaves from another plant in the jars with it to bring the humidity up but it’s coming up. Been burping and shaking the buds around once a day. I ended up with right at 4 oz though! It was one of those A Pot for Pot setups so I just gave her pH’d water the whole time other than 1 Cal-Mag feeding in early flower. I’ve sampled and it’s very nice. Super stinky and frosty still. I’m going to press some into wax in a week or 2 and see how that comes out.

Thanks again for the info. I’ll take any help and advice always! So much to learn.

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