First grow, harvest ETA?

Hi all, I’d appreciate some advice. I’m on day 57 of flower for my first grow of feminized white widow. The site lists 9 weeks of flower so I should be nearly there, but my pistils have been brown for 2 weeks already and a buddy told me it’s time to chop. I’ve read it’s best to wait until the trichomes are milky/amber. Is my buddy wrong?

My environment wasn’t super clean for most of the grow, so I plan to wash the buds before drying, it would be easiest to do before Xmas. Anyone care to guess how long I’ve got left?


Still plenty of white pistils there, and I would say 2-3 week’s minimum. You’ll want 90% of those pistils brown, or you’ll miss out on some trichome production.
Best way to decide when the best time to harvest is trichome color. You’re looking for solid white trichomes and some amber.



:rofl: I just found a previous post of yours with this, and came back to it already posted… thanks @MidwestGuy :rofl::rofl:


I’ve got a directory on my hard drive dedicated to things like this.


I should step up my game… good call sir… hats off to you… :tophat:


@MidwestGuy @Covertgrower

I’ve been struggling with examining the trichomes closely. The milky look is more obvious than I thought. Thank you both!


Agree with others, wait two to 3 weeks.


What dey :arrow_up: said lol!! :smile:


Nice job! I’d wait also.

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Does your buddy grow? If so, do you like his stuff?
9 weeks of flower means actually flowering. Otherwise, once it has buttons start counting. If your 57 days is from flipping, the transition period needs to be taken into account. If transition period is 14 days, your count is 43 resulting in at least 20 days to reach 9 weeks.
Furthermore, breeders are very optimistic. 9 usually means 10.


Thanks all, yes he grows but mostly outdoors. Perhaps he hasn’t gone down the knowledge rabbit hole as far as I thought. @beardless I flipped on 10/17. So let’s say flower from 11/01. 10 weeks puts me at 01/15. Correct? Damn… that’s a long time away.

Unrelated, but I have ~15 regular seedlings, about 3 weeks old and outgrowing their solo cups. They’ll go into my 2x5 this weekend, then into the empty half of my flower tent after another couple of weeks. How do you plan out your grow schedule (assuming you’re moving between tents) to minimize downtime?

F’n classic!! 🫶🏼

Breeder estimates account for the 2-3 wk transition. They start the count at proper time and disregard the transition phase. Whereas, most people who lack experience, don’t know the difference in what, true, wk1 actually is. If you do; then they’re pretty close, within a week, for proper ripeness.


F’n classic!! 🫶🏼

Ironically he sells in volume :man_shrugging: (not in the US though)

I’ll keep snapping shots of the trichomes and see how I go

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Maybe he’s old school when we didn’t look at trichomes, but waited until 2/3 of the pistils turned red then harvest? And outdoor growers also have to worry about environment…cold days/nights, rain, more rain, bud rot, depending on where you are growing. Indoors, we can wait until they’re ready, not when we say ready now or else!
Looking yummy tho!


I agree with everything above.

My first thought was old school grower. At the time, that was common. Then the golden age of cannabis came upon us. Research has proven many of the old ways were wrong.

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He isn’t old school, but he does grow in a tropical climate , so that checks out

Here’s the best shot I could get

Looks about the same as her sister 2 weeks behind:

The third sister is going to be a monster:

She experienced some emotional turmoil early on and survived, so she was rewarded with no training

  1. Breeder estimates
    Use them to determine what fits within the time frame. I use them to choose whether a sativa or indica dom is next up in the rotation.

  2. Transition
    I add 3 weeks to that number.

  3. The stager
    I don’t want to always be in trim prison. I’ll add 2 more weeks for dry time.

This 5 weeks spacing, is my way of keeping my sanity and on cycle.


70 days from 10/17 is 12/26 - merry christmas
70 days from 11/1 is 1/10/23
dates are for reference only. Need to check trichomes and cut based on your preference.
On average I cut around 80 days from flipping. This is for heavy indica. Sativa will take longer


Yes, I do too, and it works like my memory, “good luck finding it”.
Compliments to many contributors for assisting my learning.
Thanks Forum people, too