First Grow/ Hairs on top 2 buds maturing faster?

I had posted a poorly worded question on a thread earlier due to lack of member privileges but then unocked the new post with that comment so apologies for that. I have a bag seed that I originally started in a cheap Aerogarden (more out of curiosity than anything) but when the plant started thriving with the nutrients I bought 2 36 watt led lights and transferred it to a larger pot where it would be able to properly stretch and flower without obstruction. My problem is this: She is currently about 4 weeks into flower (counting from when buds first formed, not light cycle switch) and 2 top most buds have trichomes that are almost entirely amber whereas the rest of the plant is looking a lot more on par for where I would expect it to be with long clear/ starting to get milky trichomes. I’m not sure what the cause of this would be, at first I thought nutrient burn because I have increased phosphorus and calcium supplements but there’s no sign of it on any other growth. It also doesn’t seem to be a burn from the light as it is not affecting the sugar leaves at all. My P.H. had been running low previous to this week (avg. 5.3) where it is now at a nice 5.9 with the purchase of much needed buffer. Any insight as to the cause for this or advice in general would be greatly appreciated. I started this in less than ideal conditions more as a means to satisfy curiosity and plan to do a much more well thought out and conventional set up next time but any info could only help future projects.

Much Appreciated and thanks in advance. pics can be provided if that would help

We’ll take some pics, thanks! Welcome to the site!

IF you are growing in DWC…ph no problem

IF you are growing in soil,PH IS WAAAY TOO LOW

Soil ph should be 6.3 to 6.7

Picture would help. Sounds like you’re working on getting your ph back in check. What ph are you watering with?

it’s a hydroponic nutrient reservoir with an airstone to aerate it. Addmittedly it’s a little ghetto rigged.



Pics in natural light are better.

Trichomes on sugar leaves and buds closest to the light will mature faster. The lower buds will take longer. One can harvest the top buds and give the lower ones more time if necessary.

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