First Grow - Guidance and/or Feedback Welcomed

Strain: Blueberry, Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights all Autoflower
Soil: Coco and Perlite in 5Gl Grow Bag
System Type: 2x2x4 Grow Tent
Ph of Runoff or Solution in Reservoir: I didn’t water enough to have runoff (I was worried it was too soon to drench the pot, afraid to drown them) First full drench with 20% runoff was 1 days ago 11/16/2022 / Runoff on all 3 ranged: PH 6.38 to 6.44 and PPM 657 to 713

H2O: Drinking water to start, now ½ Drinking water and ½ Tap water after sitting for 5 days to vent
What Is Strength of Nutrient Mix: I don’t understand the question. I’m feeding at 750PPM at 6.5 PH
Nutrients Used: ILGM (Berman’s Plant Food) this is where I started my journey
Ec, Or Tds: PPM
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Basement: ¼ Basement, cooler than normal daytime 64-66 nighttime 60-64 (Supplement heat added to room, oil filled and set at 70 degrees)
Light System/Size: HLG 300L Rspec 270w 120 Volt- Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light | Dimmable, Samsung LM301H and Deep Red 660nm Top-Bin Diodes

Tent Temperatures
Day: 78-81 --Supplement Heat in Tent, 100W reptile ceramic heat emitter (Light still at roughly 30%, third notch on the light)
Night: 66-70

Tent Humidity
Day: 65-70% --Accomplished with humidifier
Night: 55-60% --Accomplished with humidifier
VPD Range: 0.80 to 1.20
Ventilation System: AC Infinity | Kit Duct Size: 6” | Fan Airflow: 402 CFM | Noise 32 dBA | Carbon Thickness: 38 mm W/Smart Controller 69 PRO
Size: 6"
Fans: 2 AC Infinity Cloudray S6 W/10 Speeds, Auto Oscillation, controlled by the Smart Controller
A/C: Not Needed

Residence: Southern Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities
Co2: No

Early Issues: Couldn’t get the heat up in the grow tent, I was hovering around 62 at night and daytime around 67-68, comparing my plants to others after week 2 and 3, I feel as if mine are behind as they grew pretty slow, I think I am behind 7 to 10 days. I was able to remedy my heat issues.

I spent a great of time researching and reading through a few journals, there was one particular thread “Cooters Grow,” with over 3000 responses, was pretty cool all the assistance several of you offered. I specifically noticed the assistance of @OGIncognito and @Docnraq, not to discount anyone else’s views. I am in hopes I can get a little guidance on my first grow

Sorry I got weird…okay where am I at.

Day: 34

Pictures from Day: 35

Current Issues: Noticed some blotching on my Amnesia Haze and what appears as Nute Burn on 2 tips of my Northern Lights (which is impossible as I really haven’t fed them a full dose until day 34. I think the deficiency is Calcium and Magnesium, but I’m not confident

First FULL soak: Day 34 – I felt they were ready and needed it, along with full Nute Dose and Cal-Mag (Guessed)

Feeding from Day 34 Soaking
PH: 6.5
Nutes: 749 PPM (Grow-time Fertilizer N19 – P5 – K20)
Cal-Mag: Had it, was scared to use it (research states if using Coco that I should add it at every watering) Use it for the first time

Looking for any feedback and I really want to know when I should up my light/wattage, I’m nervous about adding another problem. I always error on the side of less is more.


Northern Lights

Amnesia Haze


Id be happy to help. First let me say, welcome to Ilgm. Ill take a min here and go over this post and respond.


Much appreciated, little out of my comfort zone and thanks for the quick welcome!

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At quick glance your coco is too dry and ph is too high. Get yourself a good amount of full strength nutrients mixed at 5.8 ph and slowly soak pots.


Thats alot of time to vent off, does it have chloramine in it? If just chlorine 24 hours will do, even less if you use a fishtank airstone.

This is too high of a ph for coco. I dont have any experience with coco so Ill tag someone I know who does and they will be able to help. As for the ph, I do know that coco is considered hydroponic, so you need to use the hydro ph scale. 5.8-6.2 is the sweetspot.

Again im limited here but @ShockDog and @Mrs.ShockDog are running in coco so will prolly have a bit to add.

TDS and EC are different representations of the same thing. A liquids Electrical Conductivity is determined by its Total Disolved Solids which are measured in Parts Per Million.

Excellent light choice! Im even a lil jelly!

Perfect for veg.

My understanding as well.

As stated above, lil high on the ph but the ppm is good.

pulled this from HLG’s website.
Early Veg - 20-30% power at 30". When you have 3-5 nodes, up it to 50% at 30". Late Veg and Flower - 100% at 18"-24". Id up it to 50% see how they react. Your getting close to flower cuz they are showing sex but you dont wanna crank it gotta build up to it.

Your leaves are probably a calmag issue since you havent been using it and the burn is normal enough, could be related to the high ph. Which is easy to fix just start inputing at the appropriate ph. Your plants look healthy, a little lanky but thats cuz its time to turn up the light. Again my coco knowledge is limited but you will want to be watering more often and fully. Someone who uses coco will clue you in better.

You made some good choices on gear and I figure thats because you did good research, well done!
Gonna tag a few folks to your thread here. Brilliant growers and tennative helpers @Graysin @MeEasy @Myfriendis410 and @Covertgrower @CooterJuice and @JaneQP @Caligurl just to name a few.

Thats crazy, Im grew up in stillwater, east of the cities on the boarder of MN and WI damn cold up there! Thats why I moved to the desert!

Ill also tag you to my running journal, stop by join the convo, ask questions, show off your grow whatevers clever. Ill also be following this thread. Again, welcome to ILGM. This place is special and you WILL find help here.


Welcome to the machine @Northcat ! your plant look good and should be taking off soon. I also use rain water when I can.
I see you’re growing in coco coir. That is an inert medium and you will need to take your pH down to 6.0 and 5.8 during flower. Those are targets and you’ll see drift daily. Don’t worry to much as you’ll need to water coco daily. It’s considered hydroponic so you’ll also need to use your cal/mag and add silica to your schedule. I use Armor Si from General Hydroponics. But there are other out there as well. These are essentially elements found in diet but none in coco.
Also no Beneficial Microbes are in coco either. That’s another essential part of your feeding schedule. I use Hydroguard every time I water.


Before I forget, Start using DLI
This is a thread on light and how to manage it. Its one of the most poular threads on the boards. Worthy of reading.


Thanks for the tag Growmie and welcome to the community. Great suggestions and pointers from the other community cultivators. Overall your ladies are looking good! I would suggest keeping it simple, feed daily including calmag and to liberal run off. Great choice of medium for your 1st grow and awesome work on your environmental conditions! I use the phone app called PHOTONE for setting my light height and intensity and have that same light…excellent choice. I have mine currently sitting at 18” above 2 in the latter flowering stage and 4 clicks on the dimmer knob is right at a DLI of 42 if this helps until you get a meter. I’ll tag along on this grow, well done again :love_you_gesture:


Thx for the tag.

Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the forum.


Thanks for the tag Doc.

Good advice already provided but I’ll hang out on standby if any other issues or questions arise


Thanks for the tag: I got nothing lol.


Thank you for the tag as well… I’m here mainly for emotional support LOL!!!


Welcome to the community. You are in good hands with this group of experts, in my opinion!!!


Wow - thanks everyone for jumping on right away.

Looks like I did not do a thorough enough research and/or just had some flat out misses.

Some Summaries/takeaways:

On Order
Botanicare Hydroguard
Armor Si
@LateNightGardner Thank you for the recommendation!

PH Goal: 5.8
Full Nute Saturation Slowly with 20% run off

Lighting DLI
Downloaded the PHOTONE APP
@OGIncognito since we have the same light, do you by chance already have the DLI for each “click,” on the dimmer knob?
Plan: Up power to 50% at 30" (Tonight)

Items Not Noted on my original post:
Lighting Duration: 18/6 (On 18:00 and Off 12:00)
Water/Feeding Time: 18:00 to 19:00 (Lights On)

  • I will likely post a few more pictures in the coming days, in the event something else pops up and I miss it because I am to focused on the suggestions and misses that I had, if that’s not to much trouble for everyone. Once under control, I am in hopes I have just one or two updates a week…


  1. @OGIncognito @LateNightGardner “Water and Feed Daily” - Do I not need to worry about over watering?
  2. @Docnraq @LateNightGardner @OGIncognito @dbrn32 Every time I water my mixture should be: Water, Nutes, PH’d, Cal-Mag, Hydroguard and Armor Si
  3. Being I have known deficiencies, should I prepare for some of the leaves to get worse before it gets better? (I have OCD and these leaves will drive me bat chit crazy lol, I just want to be prepared)
  4. I am going away for 3.5 days for the Thanksgiving Holiday, planned on doing a Full Soak right before I walk out the door, I can control my environment from my phone via Apps (Pretty effing cool) anything else I could/should do?

*I am unconcerned about yields, my focus first grow was to learn the process, my environment I am growing in, I do however want all 3 plants to produce and get some reward. Second grow I will focus on yields.

Again, thanks everyone for the open welcome and greatly appreciate all the feedback.


I love the way you write your posts. Keep doing it that way please! Very on point, and specific. A+

This is what makes this particular cultivation thread special. It is loaded up with pros who want nothing more then to help everyone learn to grow. Abuse and negativity will get you bounced outta here, so its also a safe space to learn. (Wont find that on other boards)

No trouble at all

As I understand it coco dries quick.

Yes to all (except for nutes cuz I dont have any experience with bergmanns nutes or coco so I dont know about feeding everyday). I do know with Jacks321 nute line people feed every watering in coco so likely yes on nutes too just be sure to get someone elses input about that.

Not as long as you correct by giving the nutes you were shy on prior to now. The dmged leaves wont repair.

Never good to leave a grow unattended but you gotta do what you gotta do. There are a few autowatering devices like blumat so if you got the $ and can get em in time, go for it. 3.5 days isnt terrible long but in coco it could be an issue.

This is the best way.


I would put it in a different order -
Water, armorSi, nutes, pH, hydroguard

I’m not sure where CalMag lives in that order, but I’d expect before pH somewhere. I use Jack’s, thus don’t need CalMag independently.


Water, silica, wait 20 mins (key for using silica) calmag, nutes, PH solution, hydrogaurd/microbes/fungi


:point_up_2: I don’t t know this, I just did a quick count for you this morning. Use the app and place it at canopy level and dial up or down. Make sure you take readings across the grow space covering all your plants canopy. Raise the light and intensity for more area coverage.

:point_up_2: coca is very light and airy plus the addition of perlite makes a very drainable medium.

Calmag 1st then your order is correct and PH after all have been throughly mixed.

CHeck out Amazon for for self watering systems, very inexpensive. You could always look at the new Infinity self wicking bottom feed tray. They hold 1 gallon of water. I’m a auto pot and res grower so it’s been a minute for top feeding :love_you_gesture:

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Awesome, I will look into the auto watering devices, like the sound of that!

A new friend of mine grows hydro, got to see his setup and he ran me through his day. Sounds like it could be a little easier…or have 2 different ways to grow

Update so I have new (correct) starting point:
Day: 36
Full Soak “Slowly” with 15-20% runoff
PH: 5.85
PPM: 781
Mixture: Cal-mag, Nutes
Lighting: Upped to 50% at 30" (Haven’t had time to mess with DLI and my Photone App, the last time I tried digging in, I was to high, I got lost)

Question: My nutrient deficient leaves, I assume they will eventually die and fall off?

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