First Grow Green House Outdoor

ILGM Autos
Amnesia Haze
Northern Lights

Soil in burlap bottom half subcool supersoil recipe
Topsoil is happyfrog out of the bag
pH 6.5 according to a cheap probe gonna start pH from run off to monitor

Hand watering from tap

Las Vegas sun
Fan in green house

90f + day / low humidity
f + nite / low humidity

All 4 seeds germed and popped only the blueberry has sprouted though.


Not sure how to “tag” people still learning to navigate the site

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Just put an @ symbole before the name of any members in a 1 word, like this : @Growit :wink:

Welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:


Ahhh!! Thanks!!

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You’re welcome :innocent: :v:


Looking forward to following. That’s a beautiful greenhouse!



I love your greenhouse. I live in a “not quite legal state” but I’d love to have that full of…um…weeds!
Good luck!:sunglasses::v:


Nice setup @Growit I’m growing AHA myself.

pH the water in to 6.5 correct?

Also tap water if municipal needs to sit for 24 hours or so to allow the chloramin or chlorine to evaporate.


Yeah my tap water is 6.0-6.8

So I should fill a res with water then.
Any thoughts on RO water? It is 7.0 and stripped of chlorine

Ro water I’m not a fan of the added expense. Tap water is fine but the pH for those guys really needs to be 6.5 to keep them happy!
My tap water is 7.2 every single time I test it. Never in a range. If your plants are important to you then be specific that the water or nutrients is 6.5 for soil.


Right on thanks.
I am not a big fan of ro systems unless they are aquatic grade ,most have the sears special and they are sooooo wasteful.

If you use RO water, you have to supplement with Calcium and Magnesium, in addition to your nutrients (or make sure your nutrients have enough). Colorado river water has plenty of Calcium and Magnesium as long as you don’t run it through a water softener. But it might be too salty. I know my avocados love it when they get a good rain and all the accumulated salt from the Colorado River water gets pushed down. Maybe use half-and-half RO + Colorado?

Thanks man.
The ph from my tap is right where I need to be so I thimk I am good
I am just filling up my watering can and letting it sit out and its perfect!

Yeah, we are essentially using the same water between Vegas and San Diego County. It’s very well pH buffered from all the dissolved salts. I’m just watering with straight tap water now because when I mix it with my peat-based soil the pH is 6.5. Next grow I’m using straight coco, so I might have to throw a few drops of acid in there. I have to see what my DynaGrow fertilizer does to it.

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I’m a little worried about your security. One nosy neighbor looking over that fence and you could have guys in your yard some night ripping you off. Do you at least have a big dog who can keep watch? Otherwise you might think about motion sensors, etc.

I’ve made sure no neighbors (even ones with telescopes) can see what I’m doing outside. I have a locked chain link compound to make it legal, so I can’t be busted but I make sure nobody can see it.


I gotcha
Same nieghbors for over a decade and not nosy at all good people I have worked on all thier homes for free plumbing work , mostly older workin class folks.
And I got 5 dogs and a lock on my green house . I am also 100% legal locked entry gates my dogs have free roam around the entire home inside and out
I feel pretty good about it and thanks for the pointers


Blueberry and northern lights lookin good so far but the amnesia haze just poked outta the dirt but looks rough, it didn’t shed its shell so I helped it out and was able to remove it but the sprout looks sickly


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close up of the blueberry and northern lights
Blueberry is the bigger of the two
It is a week ahead of the others