First Grow - Green Crack - Did they turn into Hermies?

Greetings All, This is my very first grow - or let’s just say what’s left of it. My White Widows are gone due to an extreme fungus gnat infestation. This was definitely a go-round of “What Not TO DO”! It was a great learning experience and I’m

better prepared for my next batch… when the time comes :slight_smile:

As this is my first grow, there is quite a bit that I’m unfamiliar with - Can anyone tell me if my plants have turned to hermaphrodites. Yes, my plants experienced plenty of stress - late pruning, light leaks, GNATS! The yield isn’t the best but again, it’s my first try and I’ve had fun watching them grow. They are on week 9 of flowering and are due to be harvested in 7 days.

Can anyone tell me if these are ok? I’m confused with the Bud as the way it developed was also a learning experience. I can’t tell if what i think might be hermaphrodite buds, might actually just be female leaves that aren’t going to grow to full potential like the others? I have a jewelers loop. The trichomes are not ready as they look clear and underdeveloped.

If anyone has helpful advisement or observations - please share. Please and thank you in advance!


Get a close up pics of the nodes, where buds grow. Also look for banana looking things sticking out of bud

Hey there HornHead, Thanks - As far as I can see, no bananas!

How about some close up pics in natural light

looks to me like they are just starting to swell up like they do towards the end. looks like 2 more weeks = even bigger buds. :sunglasses: did you start flower count from when u switched lights? or when u started seeing flowers appear? still see quite a few white pistils and a bunch of green leaves.

Hi DinoKid,

I started counting when I switched to 12/12. I’m in my 9th week now. I’m fine with letting them go a few more weeks. It’s just that I’ve never done this before and I’m a bit anxious about letting them go for too long, ya know? I don’t want that couch lock! It sounds to me I’m ok though as you suggest they could no longer. Makes me happy to know that I’ll get more bud too!

oh, btw - I have 2 lights going… I’ve chosen to go the LED route - I have a 600 watt and a 1000 watt going. The plants don’t seem to be getting light burn so i think i’m good. I wonder if I could get away with just the 1000 (that’s the one that emits the purple although the 600 that doesn’t show purple light states it’s pretty strong in the blue spectrum.

Here they are without the 1000 LED

@ the very bottom of page is a link on when to harvest by mr. Bergman. also i would leave your setup alone for now this late into flower, the more light the better. let it ride, the buds are going to get huge. also stop feeding. this is just my opinion. check out that guide so you’ll know exactly when to harvest without couchlock. wouldn’t do anymore feeding either just water. looking good though, beautiful plants

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Thank you! Yes, I switched to water only this week so I will continue to flush till they are done. My biggest worry at this point was to ensure they didn’t switch to hermaphrodites from the stress this amateur placed on her plants. Totally unintentional!!

you’re doing good, shoot, even if they did hermie this late you would still have plenty of beautiful fat buds. but no, you’re fine. they will swell up and look like they have seeds in there, but no just fatter buds

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Late pruning, no problem. Light leaks, major unless autos. I started with led, hell still use them. But they don’t penetrate far in. Look into topping and lst. Also, try growing in coco, you get benefits of hydroponic, but same feel as soil and no bugs

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Thanks @HornHead ! I may just try that cocoa… those gnats were a beast to deal with!! I’m actually shocked they are completely wiped out now - a lost quite a bit of plants however i now know what NOT to do!