First grow: Grand daddy Purple

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This is my first grow. I planted this little girl about two months ago in July 15th ish around. Been a struggle but this is the grow thus far. So far all I’ve done is plant in 5- gallon fabric pot. Used fox farms ocean forest soil. I was told this soil comes pretty hot so I’ve not used any nutes so far. About two days ago I purchased fox farms big-bloom. Added 4-tsp to gallon jug and fed her a bit. I live here in Texas so the temps have been pretty warm till this last week. Poured down rain every day so needless to say I moved the pot from outside to a shed to keep from drowning her. Cloudy today and not raining so back out for what lil sun is appearing through cloud cover. Hopefully she will doing well. I noticed a few white looking hairs on the plant so hopefully soon maybe I’ll be seeing some buds soon in near future. Any and all help will be appreciated thanks


I lòve the ilgm grandaddy purple. I just finished a grow with it in July and I’m growing another as we speak. Yours looks very happy.

If you’re using fox farms nutes and ocean forest soil be sure to follow their feeding and flush schedule. You can start out at half strength and see how the plant reacts, but to not skip the recommended flushes.
Are you testing pH after mixing the nutes and the pH of runoff? I recommend using their 3 basic nutes and adding the open sesame/Bembe/etc during flower.
Your plant will start to flower as the light dips below 14hrs/day. 12/day is optimal for flowering. Make sure it stays in complete darkness the rest of the time. Don’t sneak a peek with a flashlight while she’s sleeping.
Good luck and ask as many questions as you have.

As I said before, she’s flowering, so buds are in your future. I’m glad to see you started a grow journal, welcome to the forum.

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Now officially welcome to the forum again. And lovely young lady

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