First Grow! Gorilla Glue #4

So as the title says, this is my first ever grow. It will be in a 4x4 tent with a HLG 600r and ac infinity filter/fan combo controlled by controller 69. This grow actually started 8/5 with clones so all the info in the first post will be copied and pasted from another forum I am on. Please comment with suggestions!

After doing a ton of researching online I have noticed this forum has the most active and informative group of growers out there! So I figured this would be a good place to have a grow journal along side my thread. This thread is starting about 2 1/2 weeks late but I will get everybody caught up in this first post.

My setup consists of a 4x4 tent with a HLG 600r light which I’m hoping will push these plants to their limits once they are in flower.

8/5/22 These are the clones their first day in soil. Decided to go with ocean forest soil in 2 gallon smart post to begin with, and gave them 4 days under a 40w led to allow them to get through the shock from the transplant. (They did fine after a little funky twisty leaf action) These plants went under 600r on day 5

8/16/22 A week and a half later and they were doing awesome! I placed them in the 4x4 tent under the HLG 600r at about 20% on day 5 and they absolutely loved it. I have topped the plants 2 times at this point and will be doing a little bit of lst training before switching to flower. I have not fertilized at all due to the ocean forest being a little on the hot side for clones to start with.

gg4 w2 2

8/20/22 Got the LST trainers in the mail from engineered essentials and got to work. Not gonna lie, I definitely snapped off 2 decent sized branches off one of the plants. My feelings aren’t hurt though, it’ll probably be the highest yielder lmao! Please comment on the lst job if anybody has any pointers!

The plants have also got their first dose of cutting edge solutions full line of fertilizers about 2 days ago. They seem to be doing fine with no burnt tips or anything that would cause concern. I also have a exhale homegrown 360 in the tent which everybody seems to hate lol. I plan on getting a co2 meter to see if it makes a difference.


Week 3

This week I learned that you can not properly ph ro/di water with a blue lab ph meter. When I decided to ph my tap water which I have not been adjusting before using it tested at 7.9! That quickly explained why my plant has been showing signs of deficiencies even while using the full line of cutting edge solutions nutrients. To fix the problem I transplanted the plants from their 2 gallon smart pots to 7gallons (which needed done anyways) using 1 part ocean forest and 2 part happy frog. I will be going without nutrients for the next week or 2 and using properly ph’d water from now on lol. The plants look like they are recovering well after just 1 day in the new pots.

Amazingly these plants have had excellent growth even with the nutrient lock. Almost time to switch them over to 12/12 after they fully recover from this hick up!

Below are pictures from today 8/25 after the plants have recovered from nutrient lockout for a day in new bigger pots with properly ph’d water and no extra nutrients.

gg4 wk3 4


Your plants should make a fast recovery and they are looking good now. Not the best but surely not that bad it wont be long before your back to it without a hitch. You seem to have a great setup. I have no complaints on ac infinity products yet and I’ve been using them for over a year and keep expanding my tools with their brand as i like their quality crafstmanship


Things are starting to come back together after my ph/nutrient lockout issue! After repotting them into 7 gallon smart pots I gave them a watering with about a 1/2 dose of CES nutrients (The entire professional line) and now things are looking up! I will post pictures below from the time I repotted til today so you can see the difference. They have exploded in growth and all the leaves are starting to darken up with the nutrient uptake!

At this point the only reason I haven’t switched them over to 12/12 yet is because I wanted to get them healthy first. I think I’m gonna set up the scrog net and switch them by the end of the weekend.

Please comment with any suggestions. I’m all ears since I’m a bit of a rook.

9/27 The day of transplant. Lookin a little wonky.

9/1 After ph correction/repotting
gg4 wk4 1

gg4 wk4 2

gg4 wk4 3

gg4 wk4 4

Just a small update after installing the SCROG net. I think tonight is the night to switch them over to 12/12. Hopefully I’m not flipping too early. I’m hoping for a decent yield. Next grow I might have to throw 4 plants in there to fill up that extra space in the net.


Thanks for the reply. I have added more information below your comment on where the plants are now in terms of health. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the ac infinity setup. Right now I have mine dialed in at 80 degrees and 70% humidity and it keeps it there like it’s on auto pilot lmao.

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If your going into flower your gonna want that humidity and temp around 70-78degrees and 50-60 humidity. Just a wild guess but here is the chart for reference. Ive noticed you also used your LST clips and the scrog net which i also do as i feel like sometimes some branches need that extra motivation to stay down for a bit whike the others grow. Not familiar with the CES lineup ive inly used house and garden, fox farm trio, and lastly my favorite jacks 321 which ive recently switched to but have seen some awesome results. Id be careful pushing 4 plants in that 4x4 a fully grown mature plant can be a 4ft x 4ft giant on its own. If you do go that route you will have to transition to flower faster to keep things under control


I was actually aiming to keep it within a certain vpd range but I went off a different chart. Also I will be going off the chart into flower until the buds start getting big and fat. At that point I plan on getting the humidity down to about 60ish percent to avoid bud rot.


I was gonna say bud rot is a major concern anything over 60% humidity but it looks like you gotta grasp on it. Hoping for the best for your grow brother ill be along for the ride


Gg4 is finicky. Doesnt like ph fluctuations at all. They also show problems quick. Stay tight on the ph. Pigs for p/k in flower. You chose a potent strain. I also noticed they like a little less light. You will be happy. Solid setup. Gonna watch if thats ok. Gg4 was my main medical for a couple years. That tent is going to fill up in stretch. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the community :blush:. It appears you have a very good grasp of what you are doing. I have 2 Gorilla Glue ladies getting close to harvest. Great start! :blush::v:Happy Growing.


Definitely stick around, I might need some tips lol. I feel like I have been pushing the light pretty hard on it at 40-50% on the 600r. I think if I do another run of it I will dial it down a notch during veg. I can’t wait for this thing to stretch. I’ll be ready with another SCROG net to tame this big bitch if needed.

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I’m going back and forth on whether I should switch to flower tonight or defoliate the plants a little and wait 3-4 days before switching… Any suggestions?


I decided to flip to 12/12 last night without trimming them up. Looks like I’ll be waiting 3 weeks before they get thinned out. Also I got a HLG UVA XL since it’s been on my list and there was a labor day sale today.


These things are getting gnarly after just 3 days of flowering! I kiiiinda wish I went about 2 weeks shorter on the veg time. I have a feeling this is going to turn out to be a little more serious grow than I was expecting lol. I’ve always loved seeing pics of peoples plants during the stretch phase when the leaves turn that light green from growing so fast. Now I’m experiencing it and it’s a beautiful sight!

At this point I have switched over to half strength flowering nutrients (CES) and half strength veg nutrients (CES) to help it through its 2 weekish stretch phase. Also I don’t seem to be getting any negative reaction to the uva bar which is good.

It makes me happy seeing the progress on these ladies after having such a big issue with nutrient lockout in the beginning. Glad the forums were here to point me in the right direction.


Looking good brother! :sunglasses:

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Things are looking good on day 4 of flower! I did notice this morning that there was just a little sign of nutrient burn on the tips of some of the leaves but I will NOT be skipping a feeding, Instead I will be dialing the nutrients back 25% and continuing with feeding. I’m looking to push these plants to the limit so I will be looking to ride the edge on maximum nutrients and light until the flush.


So a couple weeks ago I decided to order this Urban Worm Bag off build a soil and 250 red wigglers from uncle jims. The bag came in today and I was way more excited than I thought I ever could be about an indoor compost project lol. The plan is to go organic within the next year after I get the hang of growing the easy way. I filled it 1/5 the way up with moist coco coir and dumped the worms along with about 1/2 ounce of dried/ground up gg4 leaves I trimmed off the girls. I’d like to feed the worms a diet that aims toward the requirements for either veg or flower, but I haven’t figured out which one yet.

Anybody that has experience with this please chime in with any tips!


Woke up this morning to some not so peppy plants lol. I didn’t expect to be watering these plants every 2 days in 7 gallon pots. Next grow I will have to bump up to something a bit bigger. Hopefully it’s a sign of some solid roots and good growth. Is it normal to water with 2/3 gallon every other day or should I be doing a full gallon each?


I use 6qts every other day in flower I’m in soil in 7 gallon pots


Got know! I watered with 3/4 gallon yesterday and they needed watered again today! These things are firing on all cylinders and for that I am thankful lol