First grow going bad

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I’ve got a few questions about my 1st grow, I have no idea the genetics of what I’m growing. The large plant which I actually noticed growing in my backyard, is about 6 weeks old. I transplanted it into a 3 gallon pot a week ago and since then it hasn’t been doing well I’m guessing do to shock. I also have 2 seedlings I’ve started on 3/26 growing in the same 48"x48"x80" tent with one Parfectworks 1000w full spectrum LED grow light, Vivosun 440 CFM inline fan running on low 24 hours a day and light running on 18, off 6. I’ve tested the soil ph which is high at 7, water Ph is @ 5.8 I hope I just over watered


Started any nutrients? They’re screaming for food.
The ph needs to be 6.2-6.5
With ph that high, nitrogen is locked out. Which is why they’re yellowing.


I haven’t started any nutrients yet, And the soil is still moist so I’m waiting till it dries out till next watering. If I flush with 6.5 ph will it solve the problem?

Also the temp has been stable at 69F and RH at 58% I dont know if that’s good or bad honestly. I have the 3pack of Fox Farm nutrients but haven’t started yet

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Flush with 6.2-6.5 and feed them the recommended amount for their schedule.


What kind of soil are you using.?

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flush & feed

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Miracle grow!!:tired_face:

I’d get it out of the MG. It might not cause you a problem but the odds are stacked against you. 69 is a good night time temp. Anyway to raise the temp to around 75-77?


That could just be a lockout and transplant shock. Miracle Gro is gonna nuke that plant.


69f, is that the high? It’s a little chilly to encourage full growth. It’ll suffice, but warmer would be better. Perhaps turn the fan down, or intermittent to let the temps rise.

Miracle grow soil is NOT cannabis friendly. Flushing will just keep releasing nutes, and not in a good way.
Soil pH of 7 is too high
Water pH of 5.8 is too low for soil.

pH 6.5 is optimal for both. 6.2-6.8 is manageable.

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I would change that immediately I would use a good soil and the top third a soil for seedlings make sure to water at 6.5 ph water until run off measure runoff’s ppm make sure you water all the soil then wait until dry when you do water test ppm discharge when it falls bellow 900 I would start 1/2 strength nutes good luck there are people who have proved mg can grow weed but I am not one good luck and don’t get discouraged

Thanks for all your help everyone, I knew I came to the right place.:grin::+1:

69 is the high temp and low temp. I cant seem to raise it up at all.:tired_face:

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Temp is fine, it could be a lot worse. Get her in some good soil, proper pH and your solid for awhile.

If you want your temp to go up, set your fan (via a fan controller) for a higher temp. AC infinity has their fans on sale today.

Cycling your fan less will do wonders, keeps CO2 up and allows for heat saturation. Running your fan constantly brings CO2 down as well as exhausting out your heat.

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I got lost on this one one. I missed the miracle no soil somewhere.

Can you recommend a good soil?

Gai Green, or Fox Farms (ocean forest) if you plan to not use bottled nutes

Are you using bottled nutes? If you are you can go coco coir and have full control

I am going to use Fox Farm liquid nutes. Where can I get this coco? And should I mix with anything special?

I personally like fox farm coco loco and you can readily get that from any hydro shop or amazon.

Even though it is triple rinsed, you will still need to rinse it a lot to get out all the salts. I strongly urge you to get a pH pen and a tds/ec pen. I personally use bluelab.

Tds and pH pens are a must when using bottled nutes. Are you familiar with ppm and pH?