First grow Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

 My first grow ever picked Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

in a 4x4 tent using ocean forest soil in 7 gallon fabric pots using kind nutrients and two kind led 750 grow lights. Have about 4 weeks left on flower stage slot of my cola’s are getting this white mass on the very top. I keep my tent at correct humidity and its definitely not mold. Using my jewelers loupe it appears to be full of trichomes. Enyone else experience this? Also I did much reading before I started my grow and used the main lining technique to get 8 cola’s. After seeing pictures of other growers I’m not sure if main lining is worth the extra veg time. My first harvest is going to be very average yield but excellent quality. Thanks ILTGM!

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Need the pic minus the purple light. More natural lighting picture.


Hard to tell in lighting, but your light may be too close. I also agree that mainline is time consuming and probably a better fit for someone growing for the fun of it.

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Looks as if you have light bleaching going on

I’m going to raise the lights up a little, do I remove the bleached areas?

If you can shut grow light off and get a picture or 2 in normal light will help us help you

Smokable wont matter, just pull lights up


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