First grow GG4 by ILGM w/brown spots and holes

First thing I’d do is get it transplanted out of the solo cup. Looks way too far along to still be in that small of a space. You may have more roots than soil at this point. The burns are likely due to the rich ocean forest. It’s a little too hot for seedlings.


Yea I am ordering the stuff now, I was told I can keep it in the solo cup for 30 days but I can see its getting too small, I’m gonna transplant in the next few days.
Thank you for the reply.


A good rule of thumb is to transplant out of the solo cups once the leaves start to reach past the edges of the cups.


I agree with @imSICKkid. You can always tell how far your roots are by how wide your plant is. Like in nature, rain hits leaves first, then drips off of leaves into soil below, and the roots know to stretch out that far to benefit from leaves dripping water above.


@Willk First off I would like to welcome you to the Forum Like there all saying I would transplant to a 5 gallon pot a lot of up use fabric pots they allow air flow. I have used the fox farm ocean it is hot but you can start and finish with it it just does what yours is doing I like to use promix bx it has almost nothing Nutrient Wise in it it’s great for starting ceilings and you control what you put in it when you feed it keep us up-to-date they should be fine in the cups for a few days as long as you got everything ordered for what you need feel free to tag any of us and we will be more than happy to help you welcome to the fnutrient wise in it it’s great for starting seedlings and you control what you put in it when you feed it keep us up-to-date they should be fine in the cups for a few days as long as you got everything ordered for what you need feel free to tag any of us and we will be more than happy to help you :wink: to tag just put a @ in front of the persons name no space


Don’t mist the leaves if they’re under the lights. At this point just water/feed through the soil, (although if you’re in ffof you won’t need to feed for quite some time. Just pH’d water is all).


Noted, thank you

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Alright! Thank you for the advice and hospitality!

That’s is a nitrogen toxicity look how dark the leaves and crinkly they are lil burned also…

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Seaweed plus ocean forest could be ur nitrogen overdose

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That’s not good, I already stopped watering with the mix since yesterday to see if that helps. I’m watering with purified water only for now and I’ll see if it makes it any better. Thanks you for the info.

Ocean forest can be quite hot batches…(to much castings)

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your reply.
I wanted to update on my plant.
Since the post about 20 days ago I transplanted into a bit bigger pot (1gal), I’m keeping it here until I transplant to a 7gal smart-pot. The plant looks good but it’s still dark and has some yellow leaves on the bottom part, still has the brown spots and cracking.
I bought a PH test kit to figure out whats wrong.
I water every other day now until the top bit of soil is dry.
Humidity is at 45-50% and temp is 78-81
I still water with store bought purified water but I don’t add seaweed anymore. I only add a bit every few times.
A few questions;
Does the plant need nutrition? It’s in fox farm soil. Do you feed the plant anything or is the soil enough? And if so for how long? I’m trying an organic grow so I wouldn’t use chemical fertilizers.

Is it normal that this plant is so short? It’s 5 weeks old. It’s like a tiny bush. I bought trellis net for training but it wont grow that tall to even use it.
I do a lot of LST with rubber ties and I tie all the individual main stems down so the lower one get light, yesterday all the leaves suddenly became droopy and soft after I tied them down as if the whole thing was melting. I gave it some water now and It seemed to lift up a bit.

Also when I watered the plant a week ago it would consume a whole bottle of water and no runoff (I made sure there is plenty of drainage) but now as soon as I water there is a bit of runoff immediately, why would that be? Am I overwatering? I water after the top bit of soil is dry and I can see soil separate from the pot usually every other day. After I water the plant lifts up a bit which as much as I know is a good sign.

This is my first grow of course, I’m a total rookie.
Any advice or tips appreciated :pray::pray:!


She is looking better than the first photos of her. :+1:

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Yea I’m surprised she survived! All the leaves were burnt and crispy and the cup was too small so it was rootbound! It’s doing a lot better now :+1:

My seeds go straight into the grow buckets as soon as they have a decent tap root. I find this works for me long as I flush the soil before the seed goes into the bucket. I did have a few seeds not pop in the bucket. But I didn’t know about flushing the soil then and now I do.

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Looks like onset if magnesium deficency …but …ur other question how do you expect your plant to get taller if you tie all branches hes down… u do need to start feeding 1/3 strength by the end of week 3 to start getting her conditioned to food… emerald harvest 3 part is organic I highly recommend it … and some cal mag from same company will get you 95: of the way there there alot more to growing then hoping the fmdirt had evertthing… if that’s ur idea u gonna be disappointed in the end …I suggest you read read read… u want any kind if weight…you lights food, ph, temps, humidity air flow all has to be in check for your fighting an uphill battle

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There cal mag is only one I found that has alfalfa in it which is one of the best growth stimulators availible theres a ton of benigmficial vitamins and minerals and compounds that are highly beneficial to canabis start doing research on emeral harvest I promise you will love it its next to impossible to burn your plants and the proof is in the pudding I use the whole 9 bottle line
Sturdy stalk
Cal mag
Emerald goddess
Honey chome
King kola
Root wizard ![Screenshot_20191013-185654_Photos|243x500] (upload://4qF4gBGydXheSabHyKZuaQ8N71s.jpg) this shit works

and this stuff is the best stuff since sliced bread ig you can get your hands on the starter pack it’s like 229 worth it 7x canabis cup winner top nutrient line and there new cutting edge tecnology

Nice man, thank you I appreciate the info. I’m looking it up now.
I mix my supersoil and I just add compost tea to it once a week. I try my best to only use organic stuff I don’t like crazy chemicals in my bud. I did’t know about this stuff. Sounds really good.
I only use soil though.

That’s the beauty it says hydro but canbe used in soil coco anything