First Grow From Seed Looking For Feedback

Hi there, thanks for reading this!

I’m a veteran noob. I’ve got a very successful outdoor grow under my belt, as well as good tent grow, as well as a humility boosting failure for my most recent tent grow. Meaning I’m experienced at needing, appreciating and implementing your help :slight_smile:

I have a couple of photo northern lights grown from seed that appear to be doing very well. If you’re able to give any feedback on them, especially on when and how to train them (very bushy, not sure what to pull where), it is mucho appreciado!

They are roughly 35 days old now and the pics have the date.

Thank you!


Welcome to the forum!! Im relatively new here and its awesome. Lots of brain cells around here. Good luck on your grow!!


Thanks! I’ve been on here for awhile and can honestly say that I would not have had nearly the success I have if not for the support from people on here. I’ve gotten so much guidance on so many topics, including building my own light. Pretty cool resource


Looking good. I would say so myself here is mine at 30 days old

I just tucked some leaves to get ththe lower growth comming up

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Welcome to ILGM! Looking good so far :+1:


Here they are now. I’ve moved them up to the screen but it feels like I’ve set them up to smush into the wire. Is it just a matter of waiting for it to grow further and then tuck and spread? or should I be tweaking something?

Thanks to anyone who looks :slight_smile:

Keep harvest time in mind. Once your plants have grown through the chicken wire, you’ll have to cut one or the other to get the branches free to dry. If your drying environment is such that you need to dry the entire plant whole, it may be better to use something that cuts away from the plant, rather than something you have to cut the plant out of. They look super happy! :+1:

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Thanks very much :slight_smile:

My harvest routine is to drill the stem, darkness for 24-48 hours, branch snips, wet trim, h202 bath, hang in brown paper bags 5-7 days, and then start curing. So that shouldn’t be a problem for the screen I don’t think.

I’ll post more pics soon to show progress (or regress lol)

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Are you planning on topping? You’d get more tops for a scrog that way.

Yes, that’s the hope and plan

You’ll want to get on that soon, or you’ll just be growing single branches up through that screen. I top at the 4th or 5th node, down to the 3rd. Then top all those tops 1 or 2 more times until I have all the bud sites I want.


Must be hard tucking in that wire. I only topped mine once for my scrog . Then I just kept feeding the branches out further and further till the whole net was filled

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Or u could do this before they go to far into the screen.

then spread them out into the screen.

It is a little tough working with the wire but it’s getting better (I think). @Killadruid are you saying I should have topped more before moving to the screen? When you say you fed them out further what were you using for your screen?

I have trouble sorting through the growth when they’re smaller so I imagine I missed some topping opportunities. Here’s where they are now. I feel they’re starting to spread out into the screen but my concern now is the leaf discolouration, which to my untrained eye appears to be a deficiency of some sort?

Thanks again for looking and tips are always welcome :slight_smile:

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Just tie her down as much as possible get the plant as spread out as u can or enev tuck under and spread her out.

I would say could be a mag. Deficiency

@garrigan62 what would u say his problem is? Thank u very much

Starting to come together I think, it’s easier to tuck them now they’ve grown out some

image image

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Yup just keep tucking and feeding them across the screen