First Grow From Beginning to End


I run around that most days. Should be fine.


@Myfriendis410, do you have a recommendation for the temperature range to maintain. In other words, at what temperature should I turn on the ventilation fan and at what temperature should I turn it back off? I also have a circulation fan running for a few hours each day.
I have been thinking to maintain between 72 F and 77 F but have no experience to support these numbers, just reading various guides on ILGM.:writing_hand::man_teacher:


I read that 78° F is the ideal temperature. You could add whatever temperature tolerance you want but I’d say 70° to 85° or thereabouts.


@Myfriendis410, that sounds perfect. thx. :writing_hand::cowboy_hat_face::leaves::+1:


The rule of thumb is if it’s uncomfortable for you it’s uncomfortable for the plants.


That’s great @Myfriendis410, I will start with 82 F ON and 72 F OFF, that will keep the number of start cycles on the fan motor to something reasonable and the plants should be happy as well.:cowboy_hat_face:


My tent usually runs between 72 to 84 deg. as well.


@merlin44, Good job with the transplants. I experienced the same thing with the roots growing into the container. I was sure that girl would die or at least be stunted. Nope… She’s getting big like the rest my babies. I fill 1 gallon jugs with PH’ed water and I’ve learned just a 1/16th of the cap of ph down is enough to bring my 7.3 ph well water to the 6.5 range. Not much is needed. And I broke down and purchased a Dual Hose Portable A/C. I think I paid $420.00. I hope it works. Isn’t your room climate controlled? I’d also like to buy a thermostat that monitors air flow and temperatures.


Yes, @Flyr, my room is (or will be when controls are complete) climate controlled.
It has been 30 hours since the traumatic transplant and nobody has fallen over yet.:ok_man:


@merlin44, That’s good, no casualties. You will have to lead me in the direction of a good controller when you get yours fixed up and rolling in the right direction. I’m having to check my temps no less than 3 times a day.


@Flyr I am using a low end industrial PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to monitor and control my room. It is not a canned system that you can just adapt to your room. The programming is “Ladder Logic”.
If a person does not have some specific programming skills, a “hard wired” system is likely easier to put together. I am fortunate to have the skills and access to the hardware.


@merlin44, gotcha. Programming? Hell, I can hardly spell programming. I would have to buy a plug and play set up with big print.


LOL @Flyr :rofl: I am out of likes but this made me laugh. I have been working in industrial automation for nearly 40 years. This sort of automation is recreational.:ok_man:


@merlin44. The only control system we deal with is Electro-Hydraulic for our drill rigs. Basic Relays, Servo and such. Easy stuff.


About the same thing, in fact we do some automation work for a couple of petro facilities from time to time.


Oh man @Flyr ! I am dreaming of getting an AC for the summer for my basement. Awesome job. Let me know how you like yours. Very cooooool. No pun intended but I’ll take it haha


@Countryboyjvd1971, here is my grow journal, any comments and advice will be helpful.


Thanks buddy im going to catch up now


I have completed the control system prototype and have disassembled everything in preparation for proper assembly.

The Room
@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32

More in a moment…


The photos of the control system components will not upload (rats), will take new photos tonight.

It will take about a week for me to get the permanent wiring and plumbing done. The garden will be manual until then. More photos when it gets further along.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32

Wires everywhere…
I dumbed this photo down…