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I started building my room before I knew what size would be appropriate. I have 8X8 feet plus a 3X6 area not including my prep and starting area. This in small area in the back of my basement. I’m thinking that I may be able split up into a couple of areas for flowering and veging once I get all of the processes figured out.


Oh yeah! And you’ll be able find tons of guys on here who built their own grow areas and will be able to give you suggestions and or advice. That’s awesome, @merlin44 ! Yeah great plan learn about it now get some things under control and then when you kind of know what you want to do you have the room to execute your plan. Keep up the good work and thanks again for letting me peek in on this


I am preparing to move my seedlings from peat pots to two gallon nursery pots. My water pH has been adjusted from 7.6 to 6.55 using an EC500 and my soil pH is 7.1 using a Bluelab pH Pen.

Do I need to adjust my soil pH to 6.5 +/-? If so, how? Or, do I just water heavily with a bit lower pH water after the transplant?
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Growing in soil…


What medium are you going to be growing in?


@Rugar89, growing in soil, it’s called Gardener’s Gold and I will be adding additional worm castings.


You will want your run-off PH to be 6.5. So I would water at around 6.2 going in to try and get the run-off PH at 6.5 coming out since your soil is at 7.1 It will probably take a few waterings to get it dialed in.


Thx @Rugar89, I will go ahead with the move and just lower the water a bit more. Wow, what a shock how sensitive the pH is when using pH Down. I over did my first tub of water, took down to 3.4, rats, had to start over. I have the amounts down now.


I know what you mean! Done it many times myself. Especially when you get close to your target number, its easy to shoot right past it. When you get it close just use baby steps a few drops at a time. The more you do it you will start to figure out how must more PH up/down you will need. But like I said, I sometimes still over shoot the amount. It gets frustrating at times. Especially when you try to rush things.


:rofl: I put a tablespoon of pH Down in 2 gallons of 7.1 water. I had no idea where to start. A tablespoon two gallons, huh, worth a try…NOT.


I don’t even measure it anymore. I just splash some in straight from the solution bottle.


There’s a tutorial on here somewhere about using soil amendments and dolomite lime might be what you want. It also acts like a ph buffer.


The transplant is complete…I thought I had peat pots, actually had some sort of fiber pot. What a disaster! I will use Solo cups next time. I hope everyone survived the ordeal, gave them a very deep drink just before their sunrise in a few minutes. Run off at pH 7.0 with 6.3 water going in. Will keep on with the 6.3 water until the run off is, as @Rugar89 suggested, at a pH of 6.5.
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Update: Soil pH 6.8 after deep watering with 6.3 water. Measured directly with a soil pH pen.


@merlin44 approx how much water are you giving them to get runoff? Mine are in 3 gal fiber pots, but since they are so small and young I’ve only given them about 1 cup or a little more. So I’m not really getting runoff.


@ReMoLu, I gradually feed them each 1 pint of water, four times. A total of 4 pints of water per plant. I was specifically needing to get the run off so just kept putting in water a little at a time until it ran out.

I put them in 2 gallon nursery pots. The fiber pots I started in were not fabric, more like some sort of pressed fiber. They were sold as peat pots.


I have literally $40 invested in my veg closet. A timer, a couple reflectors with clamps, and a couple led bulbs. I already had everything else, pots, soil, etc. My ventilation leaves a little to be desired, as there isn’t anything to deal with the smell, but that could also be fixed fairly cheap.


During sprouting and early seedling stage my water and soil pH were so far off I am surprised that the plants are doing as well as they are. An then I highly stressed them during transplant due to poor choice of stating pots.

I started my grow a bit prematurely as I did not have my room ready (it is now), and I did not fully appreciate the importance of pH so did not have my pH probes yet. Well, I did have a cheap two prong soil probe but nothing that I could really trust and act on. I am better prepared now and hoping that I have not severely stunted by plants. Taking detailed notes each day as well for future grows.

I got the soil moisture sensor scaling and calibration figured out last evening and will be getting the control system up and running today.

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I am following and learning with ya bro.


Post transplant photo…Day 14, 11 days since emerging from soil.


I think yours are looking a little better than mine, @merlin44


Thank you @ReMoLu, it is difficult to say at this point. Also, we will see over the next couple of days how much damage I did during the transplant. It was a very difficult experience for all concerned (the plants and me) as the stupid fiber starting pots could not even be cut with a razor knife. Had to use shears and then a bunch of roots broke off as they were growing through the fibre. :confounded: Solo cups! in the future.

The temperature is running a bit higher after the move to the main room. Ventilation will be active later today. Does anyone see a problem with 84 F, seems a bit warm to me. @Myfriendis410 @Niala @neckNflu @Donaldj @Rugar89 @Greasemonkey @Countryboyjvd1971