First Grow From Beginning to End


It has been 13 days since I started germination, about 7 or 8 days since sprouting. All five seedlings are doing fine and starting to make tiny “real” MJ leaves. No longer stretching. It may be a bit early, but I may replant to larger pots this evening as tons of roots are growing out of the bottom om my small peat pots. I am hoping to see a significant growth spurt any day now. Some have suggested that they will really take off after the first transplant I am quite optimistic at this point.
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@merlin44, Mine did. It’s kind of weird, I germinated 5 plants and they all grew at different rates, heights, and fullness. Some are more dense while some are more stringy looking. They may all look different, they are from just 2 different strains. They get the same amount of Nutes, water and light. Go figure.


Hmmm…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::cowboy_hat_face: It’s like an easter egg hunt or a box of chocolates-you just never know until you do.

@Flyr I have two WW Fem and three GL Fem seedlings and within each strain, the plants are nearly identical. Not sure what to make of any of this.


@merlin44, You know…Looking back I might know why they look a little different. I started two in 4" peet pots, and three in solo cups. Two of the solo plants suffered from over watering so I transplanted to save them a bit early. One in the peet pot plants had a damaged root area because it kind of grew into the sides of the walls of the pot. So, you can see they all had different lives as babies. They are all trying to catch up with each other as far as height but density is different.


Ah Ha! You may be on to something @Flyr, keeping really good records helps reconstruct how things got the way they are.


Merlin, I’ve also fimmed 3 of them to help prevent an overly tall plant plus I’d like multiple Cola stalks. But… That hasn’t slowed them down a bit. People say it affects them and to wait a couple weeks before you do more torturing but my girls seems to soldier right through it.


@merlin44, how did you grab my quote and bring it back and include it in this conversation?


@Flyr, I have not decided yet whether to FIM and/or top on this first grow, or to just let them grow and see what happens on this first attempt. There are merits to both approaches.

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Like this?

It worked … Thanks


Everything appears to be going well @Flyr is right once planted they tend to pick up fast


My soil pH probe will be here when I get home and I finally have my EC500 so that I can properly measure both soil and water pH. I am planning on replanting this evening. I will test my soil, if the pH is too high, as I suspect it will be, what is the best method to lower to 6.5?
On the same note, if too low (not likely), how should I raise the soil pH.
I have pH Up and pH Down for my water which measures at 7.1 to start.
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@merlin44, I’d mix up a good batch soil slurry and test that. Either Bob or Professor D asked me to do that and get a good measurement from that. My ph was elevated and I mixed PH down into my water. It sometimes ended up around 6.5, sometimes it was 6.3 or 6.4 but I still used it to water with and just kept an eye on the girls. Every time I mixed Nutes I would use ph down in the mixture. I just did things slowly and not shock the girls with a one time mix of 5.9 or 6.0 ph to off set the naturally high virgin water. it worked for me and the ph ended up right on the button after a couple weeks.


@Flyr, I am hoping to correct the soil pH before replanting rather than correcting after planting. I will, as you suggest, do a slurry test. That will serve two functions. Verify my soil pH and validate or not the accuracy of the Bluelab soil pH pen.


@merlin44, good idea. I find that I have to adjust my water and Nutes ph every time I water or feed. I honestly don’t think you have to give yourself a deadline since you’re going to always be making adjustments. I have to even after transplanting. My ph stays put now. What changes is the ppm of the Nutes. @Donaldj can give you advice concerning Nutes adjustments. Each soils producer has their own special blend and Donald has the experience to tell you what is needed to elevate or lower your Nutes after he see’s what your EC500 or soil probe comes up with.


@merlin44, do your babies look happy?


Yes, @Flyr, they seem to be doing fine. Not much vertical growth at this time but leaves are forming and lots of root growth. It has only been about 8 eight days since they emerged from the soil. I count it as day 14 because my logs started when I put them water to soak over night. :writing_hand::cowboy_hat_face: The color and texture of the small leaves looks good as well. I don’t really have any basis for that observation other than comparing to pics on this forum.
I would post some more photos but there is not much to see, just a few starter leaves with plants all about 2 1/2" tall. They are White Widow and Gold Leaf (Fem) from ILGM.:ok_man:


@merlin44, gotcha. Well there you go. Just be patient and watch them spread their wings. You could test your future soil to get an idea what kind of PH it has.


I have a gold leaf I’m going to do too. And I have a blue dream I want to do when it arrives hopefully soon. And then a couple of clones. Please let me know how that gold leaf keeps coming along if you don’t mind? I’ll keep peeking in on you. I’m curious to see if mine will have any phenotype similar to yours. I’m so excited to try that gold leaf just for the medicinal effects that I hear about. And then the blue dream is my all-time favorite smoke I ever had and when I saw it on the website it practically became a must own. Enjoy your growing keep up the good work. An excellent job taking notes! You’re already ahead of tons of people just by doing that from the beginning. You’ll always have something to reference each time Time After Time.


That is exactly the plan, @Flyr. Reading this forum has convinced me that pH is likely the most important parameter to keep under control. That and over feeding.:confounded:

Will do @neckNflu, thanks for the interest.


Thank you for letting me check it out. I appreciate that. Ill of course invite you once I get mine all set up here. I’m hoping within like 3 or 4 weeks I’ll be chopping mine down and turning the room around. Someday I’d like to be able to get two rooms to do a Perpetual grow but right now that’s a dare to dream