First Grow From Beginning to End


Oh OK @Rugar, thanks for clarification. I do it with tomatoes because the stem will grow roots anywhere along it, if buried. Now I know MJ doesn’t work that way, but it IS OK to bury stem deeper to offer more support. Gotcha.


Funny you should say that @Flyr, when the remaining hardware arrives and I get the programming done, my system will run pretty much on it’s own. I have a 10 gallon water cistern which fills and allows the water to come to room temperature. When the soil moisture sensors detect that it is dry enough then water will be pumped from the cistern to the plant(s) that need water. Room temperature (along with time of day) will control ventilation, etc, etc…sensing humidity as well.
This first grow will be done largely manually (maybe the next as well) to collect data but, eventually the whole system will operate without my help. The only part that is not (and likely will not be) automated is pH’ing my water and nutes as needed.
All of that said, I will continue to look in on the garden each morning and evening, when I am in town, just to see what is going on. I might even sit there and watch the grass grow for a while each day.:sunglasses:
So far not much to watch as the plants are newly sprouted and quite puny.


Other than the flowering stage, I believe the most noticeable growth is just after the first transplant. Or that’s been the case with my grows. I’ve always been a soil grower probably because I wasn’t smart enough to try a Hydro Grow. I am really impressed with your automated set up. I’m jealous. 10-9-8-7-6-… SpaceX just took off. fingers crossed.
Sorry, I’m a rocket fan (not the team). My company has had several dealing with the SpaceX folks here in Texas.


@Flyr Just watched the launch myself, what a thrill…a bit off topic, Oh well.


SpaceX and Firefly have engine test stands here. In New Mexico too. The deflection bases are all but rendered useless due to the heat and pressure from the engine thrust. They have to resurface the darn things each test. Pretty Cool @merlin44. Like I said I’m really impressed with your automation capabilities. I would love to augment a control system of sorts some time.


Oops… Sorry


@Flyr I am looking forward to that, I am about a week or two away from my first transplant as closely as I can estimate from reading the guides and various posts. My little seedlings are just starting to produce the first leaf pairs, not including the little round ones and the other two pointy leaves that follow.


Im not saying that the stem doesn’t grow roots if buried deeper like tomatoes. Im just not sure.


@merlin44, if you’d like, you can jump on my grow journal… “First grow and journal Mulegal here”

I’ve been taking pictures every day to record the growth/changes. Yes my little seedlings are “puny” too lol All the experts are probably quite bored by the baby pics, but it’s really for a learning tool for me. For us newbies this is really a pretty big deal :smiley:


I’m no expert, by any stretch of the imagination. But, keep the pics coming! Keeps me occupied! Lol


@merlin44 I think our grow is similar in days. Please tag me in ur posts so we can compare


@ReMoLu What are you growing? I am growing 2 White Widow Fems and 3 Gold Leaf Fems. Started with three of each but one White Widow never germinated.


Day 12 Update: 79 F 70% rH, There are many roots growing out of the bottom of the peat pots and the seedlings have good color and texture. They are not getting much taller but new leaves are emerging. The Gold Leaf seedlings are all a couple of days ahead of the White Widow plants.

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Looks like a little stretch going on. …

Watch your moisture too FYI.

Pretty little girls!


Off and going! Nice job keep up the good work. Make sure to mind what @Myfriendis410 said. :+1::deciduous_tree::wink:


Quit right @Myfriendis410 @neckNflu The stretch occured a few days ago, before adding 8X more light. After over doing the water a few days ago, they have dried out pretty well. I have been removing the dome and running a fan for an hour or so each day as well. Thanks for the advice and feedback.


Sounds like you’re on your way. Great job and keep up the good work. It really looks like you’re off to a terrific start.


We all like looking at bud porn so we HAVE to help! Hahaha!


@Myfriendis410 at this stage my little plants are not even PG rated yet. They should grow up fast, though.
My second grow will come with more knowledge and less anxiety. :sunglasses::writing_hand::leaves: (hopefully)


I know that feeling. And I still get it. I think it just goes away from experience. I am learning to not sweat some of the things that used to really get me jumping. I’m sure everyone’s been at this spot you’re/we are at. Like we like to say on the site try and have fun and enjoy your grow!
PS I feel that just joining this website alone has advanced me at least a couple of years ahead of where I would be on my own.! That helps take some of the edge off. We all learn and we’ll all get comfortable at some point… I hope. Gulp. Haha have a nice morning.