First Grow From Beginning to End


As in to say I can go off on a tangent into theory and science when a simple do this it results in this can work, I get more into the whys and hows which can lead into complex discussions when other experienced growers chime in. I blame it on my OCD :wink:


Well @Donaldj , I can’t blame OCD but I am an engineer and scientist so I blame my views/approach to things on that. LMAO. In any event, for me, more information is better. Thanks for your willingness to share your experiences to shorten the learning process.

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@Donaldj, Thanks, I’ll be picking your brain later if you still have the offer open. I appreciate it. @merlin44, We tried to tell ya earlier, this site will definitely help you complete your Masters Thesis.


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I looked in on the garden before leaving this morning, everything looks fine. Three out of 5 plants have roots sticking out of the bottom of the peat pots even though the plants don’t even have any proper leaves yet (they are just coming out, it appears). I’m talking about 1" of root sticking out in a couple of places.

Should I replant this afternoon? The rH is fairly steady at around 75% inside the doom. It seems a bit early to me, but I have never grown anything before much less MJ. No past experience.


I dont use tbe peat pots myself but do usually trans plant when i see roots at tne bottom of my starter cups my olants will be a bit larger tho
I would hold off a little longer myself maybe trim the roots back to pot
Lets see what @Donaldj thinks


@Countryboyjvd1971 , I won’t be using peat pots again. I will do as most on this forum seem to do, I will use Solo cups next time around.

By the way, everything that I have read assumes that we know how to transplant or replant a plant. I am not sure how to physically do this without disturbing the roots and/or risk breaking the plant.
Any thoughts would be helpful. @Niala @Myfriendis410 @Donaldj @bob31 @BobHu @Rugar89 @neckNflu @Flyr
As the pot size increases with each replanting, I see this problem getting worse. Am I missing something?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I tried peat pids once early on and didn’t care for them
I have found using solo cups and starter soil mixed with perilite and a little vermiculite works best for me bro


I don’t use them either but I’ve read that others open it up at transplant to get them to actually release from the peat pot.

As the plants get bigger they won’t behave like that when they’re small.


I need your opinion on the lab @Donaldj, I have tagged you… please :innocent:


Peat pots can be a royal pain at times because they are meant to decompose over time letting you plant pot and all but with the soils we use growing MJ they rarely stay saturated long enough to do so. Not saying you couldn’t slit pots with razor to make it easier for roots to work their way through. Typically you wait until plant is just shy of root bound to transplant with peat pots roots tend to attache to pot walls and bottom by that point so I would go with slitting pot and planting whole thing to reduce stress saturate soil outside of peat pot roots will find their way. For regular transplants easiest trick is to fill equal sized pot as you have them in add base layer in new pot place smaller filled pot in center and fill space packing lightly around inner pot until level with top. Then roll pot plant is in between hands pressing to loosen it around sides place hand over top holding stem between middle and ring finger so entire soil surface is covered by palm and fingers and flip. With pot and plant flipped tap and press bottom of pot squeezing to loosen and gently lift pot off may take so coaxing? end result is plant and root ball in your hand which should fit neatly into the impression you made in new pot press it down gently and lightly pack around again. Fill remainder to level of your choosing if your lady stretched :wink: Very important water until entire pot is saturated leave tray with water in it for some time after watering. Very common problem that soil has dry pockets under transplant and fresh soil can act hydrophobic (not absorb water) leaving some water in tray and slow watering lets soil soak up water until it won’t. If you thought ahead you may have lifted pot before watering to judge dry weight for future reference :wink: don’t water again until it is close to dry weight and water outside in not directly at trunk


Wow @Donaldj, thanks for the detailed procedure and additional info. This is great!

Now for my current situation, are the 1" roots sticking out of my peat pots when the plants are only a week or so old going to be a problem? What should I do next? @Niala @Flyr @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 @Greasemonkey @Rugar89 @neckNflu


let them grow they will naturally air prune encouraging more roots to form inside of pot


Exactly what I needed to know @Donaldj. Thx.


So you can bury some stem like I’ve always done with tomatoes to build more root @Rugar89?

@merlin44 I have one Amnesia Haze Auto a few days younger than yours. My first grow. I know exactly what you are saying about not knowing what is normal seedling growth . Your plants look like mine so I guess we are both doing OK.

When I transplant vegetables, I usually cut and remove the peat pots if used, because I have found that they don’t always decompose like someone else said. But I always water them well prior to transplant so that dirt sticks to roots and whole mass can be replanted without much harrasment of tiny roots. IMO. Course I have Zero experience with cannabis. My brain is expanding with all the new things I’m learning.


Im not sure if it builds more root, but in the case of @merlin44 he has some stretch, so if buried deeper it will shorten the stem above the soil and make it stronger until the plant can grow a thicker main stem to help hold itself up.


Day 11 Update: Yesterday I noticed that the bottom third of the peat pots seems a bit too moist. The surface soil was just slightly moist. I left the dome off with the fan running for several hours last night and the pots are better this morning. Will continue to dry them out for another day or two. The high humidity in the dome inhibits evaporation.
Other than the high moisture level at the bottom of the peat pots, the seedlings are looking OK (as best I can tell). A second set of leaves are finally visible and the plants are no longer stretching since adding more light.
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@merlin44, sounds like you’ve got a handle on things. User your better judgement with the moisture. A couple days of dryness are much better than being too wet so if you’re going to error, error on the side of being a bit too dry. A semi-dry soil with a high humidity is good. Does that make any sense? I’ve over watered several girls starting off so I know what NOT to do.


I think I’ve done it at some point on every one of my grows (over water). This next one coming up I vow to not over water!
I know it’s something I have to be mindful of and make sure I won’t do. Live and learn. Enjoy your growing keep up the good work


@Flyr Yup, I had not watered since planting, just misting every other day or so. Started to get concerned about dryness deep in the soil and poured water on. OOPS! No harm, this time. WooHoo! More patience, Grasshopper.:sunglasses:


I have to continue to tell myself hands off. Maybe a spritz of water every now and then but that’s all. What are we going to do when we get into a rhythm and everything is falling into place without our input? All we will be is a Nutes Barrista. That is until it’s harvest time.