First Grow From Beginning to End


@Myfriendis410 answered your re-potting question. Listen to him. He has way more experience growing then I do.
Those temps are perfect. They say 78deg is the optimum temp. That’s at canopy height. The top of your tent will be a little hotter as heat rises, and will be sucked out of the tent from the exhaust fan.



Personnaly, after soaking my seeds and they had tap rooted, I plant them direct in they forever pots, water spray ounce or twice a day and use clear cup as a dome for a week or so, no transplant stress or shock.

But it’s true that you can more easily over or under watering them… You have to be extra cautious…

And you’re ok with these temps, just make sure that you respect the recommand height for your light type for seedling / sprouting…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Yup it is all about the watering staged transplants give you far more control so you can both water and feed more often rather than having to wait for large volume of unused medium to dry between cycles


I use Photo plants and what I do is I’ll take my Taproot get it to sprout in the water place it in a Solo cup or the equivalent size potting cup of that size. Then once it grows up real sufficient in that pot/container then I move it to their forever home. For me that’s a 5-gallon pot. Once you move it to the forever home if you aren’t repotting up in stages just be real careful careful you don’t overwater. I’ve done that a bunch in the past. Good luck enjoy your growing!


@Myfriendis410 @Donaldj @neckNflu @Niala @Rugar89
Thank you for all of the responses and especially all the great information. My first grow may not be great, but, it will likely be much better than it would have been without help from this forum and Robert’s guides/grow bible.:+1::sunglasses:

I can easily see a person going through several grow attempts before learning enough to get reasonable results. It would be quite time consuming to put all of this information together - and then there is interpreting the information. Arggh! :writing_hand::confounded:


@merlin44, You got it amigo.


@Donaldj is a pro and he’s ALWAYS tinkering lol. You never stop learning this stuff. What you do gain is a bit of serenity and that makes you understand more nuances within the grow.

You have been bitten!


@Donaldj , I understand that you have done a bit tinkering…Have you ever experimented to see what a 6/6/6/6 light schedule would do to a plant? @Myfriendis410 @Flyr @Greasemonkey @neckNflu @Niala @bob31 @Rugar89


You will definitely get better every time you start a new grow and complete one. For Better or Worse you’ll always learn something every time. In all honesty, just from this website alone, my last two grows have gotten better and better. Each time has gotten better! If you take the advice from this website and if you tinker and pick and choose what works for you ,you will have good success too.
My short-term goal is to learn how to dry and cure my marijuana better. my long-term goal is to be able to grow my own quality of smoke that matches the $50 an 8th the dispensary charges.
I know for a fact with the help of my new ilgm seeds and the knowledge and experience from everyone on this forum, I will someday reach that top shelf quality I’m striving for.
Enjoy Merlin keep up the good work! Remember every time you will get better!


I have not. But in all honesty I’m still trying to get a full grasp on a beginning to end grow. My last two have been really good for my skills as limited as they are hahaha
So I pretty much been trying to do it more or less textbook as possible if that makes sense?


@neckNflu, other than keep my girls happy and help them grow large, my goal is to learn more about cloning and harvesting. Like I mentioned I have a “0 %” clone rate. Of course the last attempt was over 30 years ago. Just think @merlin44, a good cloning knowledge speeds up your production rate, reduces germination.


All I have at this point is five seedlings and a total of 10 leaves. Must learn to ride a tricycle before attempting a bicycle. @neckNflu Not looking to tinker at this point, just curious.

@Flyr My goal is to keep things going using cloning. This grow is my first time so just hoping for a useful harvest. Also need to learn about curing and drying. At least each phase in the grow process takes enough time that you can prepare in advance for the next phase.


I clone everything very rare when I grow straight from seed to finish cloning is all about diet and timing


@Donaldj, I certainly understand that. It’s always more fun to rotate your diet plus it’s good to keep the gene pool going strong with Roberts great seeds. Cloning is a novelty to me since I’ve never been successful.


there is actually a good way to think about that without making a bunch of hermies to find out if interruptions during dark cycle are bad because plants like sustained dark. I speed flowering by dropping light schedule and adding more dark time


Diet and timing is referring to when it is best to take cuttings to clone :wink: N is the enemy of successful cloning and clones taken from too young of a plant have too high natural hormone levels, you want to take cuttings when plant is close to mature and doesn’t have much stored N. Most take clones with best success during stretch phase of flower because of 2 key factors plants hormones are geared toward expanding everywhere and it is consuming nutrients as fast as it can find them. The hormones have plant wanting to root and find nutrients, as well plant is more mature


@Donaldj. So cut back on Nutes with Nitrogen? You were speaking of their diet and needs, not ours. So how many weeks before a plant goes to flower would one want to take clones? How can we test Nitrogen or Hormone levels of a plant? Can you see the stretch phase just by observation? Why couldn’t we just give them that Hormone causing the plant to sprout more roots?


First off most feed their plants so cutting or reducing N is a simple matter of giving less or waiting with enriched soils until plant is out of Veg :wink: I raise mother plants which I grow to size I want to keep than reduce nutrients and feedings to as little as needed to keep them healthy. So basically I grow all my ladies slow until I want them to speed up feeding only enough to keep deficiencies away since I have around 7 mother plants each of different strains it would get tricky and space consuming if I spoiled them. I could walk you through cloning on another thread but I think we have already cluttered this one enough


@Donaldj , This topic is more or less my first grow journal, any information that you folks want to put in here would be great. I don’t know anything about growing except what I read here. I am interested in growing, cloning, pruning, harvesting, feeding, curing, drying and whatever else that I should learn about. I am just an old dog learning new tricks. I appreciate any and all information and opinions.


It’s all good I just prefer that original poster is ok with the information overload and traffic not directly related to their thread it can get confusing at times and goal is to help keep you as poster happy :slight_smile: I am guilty of forgetting etiquette at times and over explaining things which can scare a new grower until I simplify terms and reasoning of steps or theory
I love growing and spend far too much time learning and reading the science of it than twisting it to my own purposes lmao