First Grow From Beginning to End



They will start a growth spurt any day now. Once sprouted and grown to a few inches tall, they spend there time and energy developing there root system for a week or so. Once the roots are established you will see noticeable growth every day.


Thank you @Rugar89 for the early growth details. I have never grown any kind of plants before. All I know about growing plants I have learned by reading this forum and the ILGM guides. The whole process of growing a plant is fascinating. Presents a number of interesting challenges.


A couple more questions…
I took the dome off so the oscillating fan could blow on the plants for a while. How long should I leave the dome off?

How long before the seedlings should be removed from the dome entirely?

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I take the dome off mine for a hour or two each day for some fresh air. I leave them under the dome at 70% plus RH for a week and a 1/2 or so. At two weeks they get replanted.


@Rugar89 , should I peel off the peat pot when I replant, or just replant the whole thing, peat pot and plant as a unit?


Ive never used them, but I have read stories where the peat didn’t decompose as it should, and the seedlings got rebound. I think I would try to gently remove it if you can without damaging any roots.

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any thoughts on this?


@merlin44. I took mine out of the peat pots when I replanted. You have to be careful and make sure all the dirt and root ball come out in one piece. I didn’t let mine dry out enough and a portion of the dirt stuck to the bottom of the pot. I even sliced the sides to make sure that didn’t happen and it still happened. Only 1 of the 5 were a pain though.


Excellent information @Flyr , thanks for weighing in on this, big help. I didn’t even think about the moisture level during the replanting…Is the idea to let it dry out for a few days before replanting? Is this risky?


Day 8 Photos - Will need to get more white light or turn off the main LED panel to get a decent photo.
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I don’t know if these little plants are where they should be eight days from being seeds in a plastic bag.


I looked back through but didn’t see what you have for a light? And what height? Maybe I missed it?


they look to be coming along just fine


@Rugar89, during germination and sprouting the lights were/are a couple of small LED grow lights (~80 watts at the wall), my main lights are a pair of Dimgogo 2000w units (~345 watts actual). @Donaldj

The starting/sprouting lights were about 8" above the plants, and the large light is in place now at about 20" above the plants.


They just looked a little stretched in the above photos. Sounds like you have your lighting under control now. When you transplant bury around 3/4 of that stem and they will be good to go. :+1:


Thanks @Rugar89, again, I did not think of burying part of the stem when transplanting. My final pots are 10 gallon nursery pots (about 7 1/2 gallons actual). I was planning on going to 6" pots (I have them on hand) then to the big ones.

I am now second guessing that strategy, perhaps going to 1 gallon then to the big ones is a better plan.
Thoughts? @Rugar89 @Donaldj @Flyr @Myfriendis410 @Greasemonkey @bob31 @anyone else?

I am thinking that minimizing the number of transplants and the amount of stress is in order.


Agreed, I’m thinking that the small LED panels that I purchased for starting and cloning was a waste of money. Not enough light to do anything. I need to figure out a better solution for that part of my operation, maybe T5 fluorescents or a higher wattage LED panel is called for, the Dimgogo lights put out too much light for starts and possibly clones - don’t really know what I am doing though, going by what I read and making stuff up :cowboy_hat_face:. $$$ getting out of hand :open_mouth:


My currant indoor grow went from solo cup, to 3 gallon pot, to 5 gallon pot, and now in a 10 gallon pot.


Just start them out under one of you Dimgogo lights at around 30" above the tops when they germinate. Then start bringing it down slowly after a week of so. When they have 4 or 5 sets of nodes, put the other light in and proceed as you are now. I use one light the whole grow by adjusting the height of the light.


Excellent, @Rugar89, that is what I will do going forward. Thx :+1::sunglasses:


What is the reasoning behind incrementally increasing the pot size rather than going directly from solo cups or peat pots to 7 - 10 gallon or so pots? Each transplant would seem, at first glance, to risk stressing the plants.

Also, if the temperature is maintained in the mid to high 70’s F, will too much light burn the plants?
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I am growing White Widow and Gold Leaf (both ILGM) photos, indoors.


The idea is to prevent over watering. If you are growing autos, go from starter into their final home. With photos I transplant up usually 4 times. One big reason for this is to crowd them under less light fixtures which is of course cheaper. You lose that with big pots.