First Grow From Beginning to End



That’s exactly what i i’m talking about…you can use the M G products But i always advise to break their soil down using somethind like Black Cow thatm is very low and i mean low in nutients for seedlings but going into flower or late veg and transplant into their final home you won’t have to break their soil down as much But I would strongly advise doing so. Just to many problems.
Hell I didn’t even check my ph or ppm no need to cause i didn’t use nutrients all organic like they grew for millions of years in the great wilderness…lol
Dam I think I got off track…lmao

Will bigtoke


Thank you, @garrigan65 for the great feedback. I will be looking into the products that you referenced.

With regard to worm castings, is there any merit to making a tea bag with worm castings in it, then soaking that in my water cistern between watering?

I am sad that I had to be at a job site all day and missed the conversation. This thread was really cooking for a while today. Work must come first (until retirement is a couple of years).

My soil is called “Gardener’s Gold” and has bat guano, worm castings, a bunch other things, vermiculite. Mix it 3 to 1 with worm castings because, as I understand it, nearly all plants love worm castings and it won’t burn them. If I am wrong here, please let me know. So far the garden is doing fine with this mix. I likely should have cut the soil down during sprouting but it seemed to have been ok as well.


@garrigan65 AMEN! They have survived for thousands of years and must have had some merit or all of us would not be indulging now. I remember back in the 60’s the weed was somethin’ else, but what ever or how bad it was it was good enough to keep ya comin’ back for more. Again we come to acclimation and self preservation and they are going to do what ever it takes to reproduce, in good example Feminized seeds (Immaculate Conception vs self fertilization). My Space Terror I causes me to trip on my tongue. :woman_farmer:t4: :sun_with_face:


@garrigan65 Did that make sense or was a Babylon Sister?



LMAO…HAHAHA I understood everything that you were saying.

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@garrigan65, I’ve got to say thanks for the information. I was able to locate most of what you had on your list for that recipe. I can’t wait. @merlin44. I have located a controller I might invest in. It’s the GSE Temp, Humidity and Negative Pressure Controller. It’s a plug and play setup with a minimal amount of reading necessary to install. You know us Texans, we like a lot of pictures. Now I just need to locate one of them in the US. Or not.


@Flyr I hope you find the perfect controller for your setup. There are things that can reasonably be automated and there are others best done by hand with some direct interaction and observation. There is a time a place for tech.

Breaking News: I looked in on my garden twice this afternoon/evening. In a two hour period the Gold Leaf plants went from having little (barely visible) nubs at the nodes to having recognizable leaves at the nodes. Quite unexpected, WooHoo :ok_man:


@merlin44, Look at you. We both get pleasure out of some of the wildest things. It’s like watching your child’s first steps. Our first words. We are easily entertained.


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This photo was taken just this morning, planted on Jan 28, sprouted Jan 31 and Feb 1

All three Gold Leaf look very much like this one, the two White Widows are about a day behind and a bit smaller but similar development.


Nice! Always like those perky…plants!


@merlin44 VERY nice I can’t wait to plant mine!


Looking good
The Gold leaf is good medicine for sure
Its one of my favorites smells great too
Woohoo @merlin44


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My plants appear to be healthy and delevoping. They were not actually growing in height even though they were developing secondary growth and the leaves were getting larger.

The light (Dimgogo 2000 Watt (354 watts) was about 12 inches above the plants. There has been no sign of light burn or any other obvious issues. I theorized that the light being too close did not provide the plants with motivation to grow taller so I raised the lights by 6 inches to see if they start getting taller. I don’t want to cause them to “stretch” but also don’t want them to stay too small due to too much light (if that is possible :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Any Thoughts here??? Am I concerned about nothing? :writing_hand::man_scientist::cowboy_hat_face:


Raise light 18 inches maybe see if that helps
The plant may not see a need to grow up since light is so close
I usually start my lights high and lower stop once i find the sweet spot


@Countryboyjvd1971 , that is exactly what I did last night before bed, pending responses on the board.
I have mostly been concerned about having enough light, it didn’t really occur to me that too much light would be a problem unless the leaves started curling up or something. Thanks. :+1:


Keep me posted buddy


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My plants all have 4 nodes now. The next step will be FIM’ing two, Topping two, and leaving one as the control.
I plan on doing this when I see six nodes.

Topping appears to be straight forward, chop it’s head off! :+1::disappointed_relieved:

FIM’ing on the other hand, not so obvious. I have studied the graphic of FIM’ing vs Topping. I have studied the guides on the topic. Still, it seems that one could easily FIM their FIM!

Does anyone have words of wisdom that might improve the chances of a successful FIM?:writing_hand::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You cant mess it up if you mess up fimming you just end up topping
When you fim it should look like a nice fresh cut lawn almost lol
Remove about half of the top a little more for fimming


@merlin44 lol, we are at same stage. You got to ask before I did. Mine just barely showing 4th


You can fim or top at fifth node also fyi