First Grow From Beginning to End


Yes the first set that are not the round feeder leaves is where you start counting them. I wait until the sixth set has grown enough to top or fimm it off. Even on my autos. But you see a lot of members doing the 5th set like @Flyr does.


@Rugar89 @Flyr It seems that I have a ways to go, then. We are off to a slow start, maybe 2.5 nodes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thanks for the great info…

The Gold Leaf is growing much faster than the White Widow. Interesting to watch.:writing_hand::man_teacher::cowboy_hat_face:


It wont take long, trust me. Another week or two.


Day 18, about 12 days after sprouting.

It appears that everyone survived the traumatic transplant experience. The leaves seemed to fold a little (kind of taco shape) after the transplant but that has corrected and nodes are forming. Very little vertical growth and the nodes are very closely spaced (plants are 2 - 3 inches tall) with 3 distinct nodes.
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All three Gold Leaf plants look about the same. The two White Widow plants are about an inch shorter and much more compact (even closer node spacing) but have good color and leaf texture.
This whole process is like watching a movie in ultra-slow motion.:man_teacher::writing_hand::cowboy_hat_face:


Is this leaf curling anything to worry about?
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This plant has looked like this from the beginning.


Plant looks fine to me. You will often see gnarly leaves early on. They’re figuring out what is expected of them lol.


Nice to know @Myfriendis410, thanks. Closer inspection reveals that most of them have varying degrees of “gnarly” leaves. WW2 has it the most but is growing and has good color none the less. :thinking:

By the way, what is “expected of them” is clearly to “grow like crazy”.:rofl:


@merlin44. I wouldn’t worry to much about the curling right now dude. oops Myfriend answered ya.


I agree with the others


Thanks, @Flyr @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 . I did not think it was too bad but wanted confirmation.:writing_hand:

Mostly I am glad they all survived my clumsy transplanting effort.:roll_eyes: Whew!


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Last question of the day…I am currently 18 days from initial soak and about 12 day since sprouting out of the soil. Referencing the photo earlier this morning (posted 3 hours ago) and the size at about 3 inches tall. I recognize that the plants look to be reasonably healthy.

Are these plants about where you folks would expect them to be at this point? Are things that I might have done differently to move them along a bit faster?

I only ask because I have no points of reference and the various photos and discussions don’t make it completely clear what to expect from these plants in the first couple of weeks.:writing_hand:


Look about right in my opinion. They’re funny when they’re this small. You see sprout, and then a lull while roots develop. Then they’ll kind of take off until they start getting too big for pot. At that point you transplant and kind of repeat the process.


@merlin44, I planted 2 GL a week before you and mine are exactly the same size. They look good! Now… Other than water schedule, you will want to figure out your Nutes schedule. I believe each person has their own process because some are Hydro and some are Soil. I use Flower Power and Fox Farm products. This is the hardest time for me with the waiting. My OCD makes me want to fiddle with things when it’s no necessary. I guess that’s why I start looking at the next task.



They look pretty much the same size. Even with the same Thermometer


Sounds about right to me as well
Infact you’ll probably see them startvto take off shortly
The first few weeks they focus on root development


@Flyr @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks a lot , guys. I am glad to hear that my garden is largely on track. I may have some issues in the near future but will deal with them as they come up.:writing_hand::man_teacher::cowboy_hat_face:


@Flyr , I watered deeply after transplant 4 days ago (until run off). They are still plenty moist and will not need water for several more days, at least.

Nutrients, well that is another story. I have given this a good deal of thought but have not yet figured out exactly what criteria I will use to determine when it’s time to feed them. My soil is good and I mixed in an additional 25% worm castings so I should be good on nutes for couple two or three weeks. (just a guess):writing_hand::man_teacher::cowboy_hat_face:
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Maybe Will could provide some expert guidance on this. I know I have my own opinion. @garrigan65

Your plants look to be right on track.


@Myfriendis410 I just want to make sure that I am learning as much as possible during this first grow so that I don’t make the same mistakes again. I sure there will a whole bunch of new mistakes to make on future grows.:+1:


@Flyr Before you start feeding for growth esp just after transplant, allow the root system to develop so it can support the plant. Feeding for growth will not allow for that development, it’s like your tiny legs supporting a giant. The roots are weak and vulnerable to all sorts of things, root rot, fungus gnats, falling over and on. You wouldn’t give a heart transplant patient a marathon runners diet right after the transplant. :woman_farmer:t4: