First Grow From Beginning to End


I like all the adjusting and hands on involved so couldn’t picture myself automating too much it would just take from some of the things that I love about growing. That and idle hands would lead to me doing other things over training scissor abuse and likely sheer chaos, all those little temp ph ppm rh adjustments keep me from caring my plants to death


@merlin44, That’s way cool. My claim to fame was helping design a system to improve GE’s variable speed control for their boiler feed pump turbine. An engineering buddy of mine worked at the local gas fired power plant and he was having to go in at all times of the night to fix control alerts. He got fed up with it and asked GE for a fix… Well their fix was $600.000. We were all sitting around one evening high as kites and he asked what control systems we used on our drills. GE’s setup used lubrication oil as their control fluid and when it became contaminated it tripped all kinds of alarms. We came up with a relatively inexpensive fix for the system and the Utility Company went for it and wanted it implemented. GE wasn’t pleased since it augmented some of their electrical controls. Unfortunately we weren’t able to reap any of the benefits financially but it was fun machining the blocks plumbing with all the electrical controls and dealing with the personnel in the Utility world. We ended up making two more systems for their other facilities. I believe my buddy ended up getting a raise though. I know that as a bit off subject but it reminded me of a control system I worked with. What we did was baby stuff compared to you.


@Donaldj In all likelihood, this system will involve more looking at and tweaking parameters than doing everything manually. The only advantage is the fun of putting it together and, ultimately the consistency that will result (if it works).
As many (including you, I believe)have suggested, I am tending to just leave the plants alone if they appear to be happy and healthy.


OCD so for me the distractions are needed or I start to revamp everything it’s just my nature I love all the adjusting fan speeds light distance it makes the success that much sweeter :wink: It’s been hard for me not to start my grafting project early with the idle hands from my system and grow space having most tweaks worked out lmao.
If you’ve read any of my threads in full you would notice I love projects build new hydro units almost every second month clone test new products. If I didn’t have some things to tweak with it would result in me constantly messing with other things :slight_smile:


@Donaldj @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Flyr @neckNflu @Niala @highcountrygal @mulegal etc, etc,
Is there an effective way to keep track of who you tag or are we just supposed to remember all of the names of folks we have never met?
Do you folks keep a list somewhere? Some other mechanism?


@merlin44 I swear you just spoke my thought! I’ve been keeping a list and wondering the same thing. Also once you tag people do you have to re-tag every time? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :woman_farmer:t4:


I have been trying to remember. I don’t even know what the social convention as to who and when to tag folks. I have no previous experience with any sort of social media.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think that the new member tutorial has been turned off and, it has been said, will stay off.


Not really. But if you see a thread you want to follow, scroll down to bottom and change the box that says tracking to watching. Now you don’t have to tag me. I’ll get a notification every time someone posts here.

It seems like a lot, but the amount of members that are active daily isn’t ridiculously huge. Before long you have a pretty good idea of who’s doing what, who you jive well with, and who can help you with different aspects. You see the guys with the ilgm based logos as avatar are all pretty well versed in most aspects of growing.


@merlin44 same here a totally ‘forum flop’ lmao


I go back through my tags every time lol. You could just copy/paste from earlier posts.

@dbrn32 is right. There’s 30 or 40 really regular folks on here. You’ll figure it out. It’s WAY better than Facebook haha.


Hey @dbrn32, is there a way to see who is watching a given topic or thread?
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Not that I know of, sorry.


Thanks @dbrn32. And look at that, I have likes again, cool. I don’t really understand that part either.
With time I will figure out the pattern.


We’re all limited on likes. You get a few more after you’ve been here for a bit. I still spend more time out of them, oh well!


Ats right, Facebook ain’t got sh*t on us!!!


Yeah, I’m not posting this stuff on Facebook, that’s for sure.


You guys always keep me informed and laughing


@Rugar89 @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Flyr @ReMoLu and anyone else that has some thoughts,
people talk about 2 or 3 “nodes”. At what point do you count a node. The first leaves that are not the small round ones? The first leaves that have more than one frond? I plan on FIMing a couple and topping a couple and leave one to grow. Just don’t when to do these things.


@merlin44, A Node to me is the set of leaves excluding those first set of baby round leaves. I was told fimming and or topping starts 4 to 5 node. I waited until the 5th node on mine before I fimmed to make sure the roots were good and established before I shocked them with ripping their head off.


LMAO Excellent and graphic description and directions. I am a big fan of “directness”. Thanks for the big 'ol chuckle, @Flyr.:writing_hand::cowboy_hat_face:out of likes until tomorrow.