First Grow From Beginning to End


Sounds good i look foreword to seeing what you set up @merlin44


Wow man, that looks complicated and sophisticated!!


Nice looks like one of my control boxes at work hahahaha
I like where your going With this


Where did you snag the plc from?


LOL :rofl::joy: Looks can be deceiving. It is more similar to the hardwiring that most folks are familiar with than you might think. @ReMoLu


I have one of these set ups i plan o setting up eventually

The controller looks like this one

Has sensors for ph and ec :v:


@dbrn32, I had it laying around from an old system that we had replaced with more modern and sophisticated hardware. Not a cheap option if you must actually purchase everything.

If you are interested in such things I and direct you to some hardware that would be just right for these applications. Still going be well over $1000 in controller, sensors, etc…


@Countryboyjvd1971, that is excellent. I am jealous, that is a spendy piece of hardware. If you need help with any of the wiring, configuration, or programming let me know. I would be happy to assist.:writing_hand::cowboy_hat_face:


Very cool yeah this system is actually mostly plug and play we use them to see reat our cooling towers on our buildings here at work
Im a Commercial HVAC mechanic out of NYC
Ive do building automation work over the years and so wiring comes pretty easy to me bro but it nice to know i have another guy to bounce ideas off of
What do you do for a living brother?


I’ve been an industrial automation engineer for nearly 40 years. Power plants, sawmills, paper mills, water treatment, plastic mfg, glass mfg, hi tech metals, you name it, we have designed automation for it.



That’s awesome bro yeah i done a bunch of automation for the Hvac end of things over 23 years and what not but thats cool
I actually know electricians that get thrown off with 24v control systems ?


Don’t get me started…the state of technical education is pathetic.:confounded:
The few that have it together have a clear road ahead, for sure. My race is nearly run but the new guys need to step it up.

My system is a mix of 120vac, 24 dc and 5 vdc (moisture sensor 8$ china :cowboy_hat_face:)


I agree brother
I no long do field work i just watch a few buildings that my computer owns in a compound situation
I shake my head at the sub contractors that come into the building lol
Scary brother


@Countryboyjvd1971, profitable for us. Service (4 hr min) call to turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. LMAO.


Ive had that call all to many times brother


I’m plenty aware of cost, pretty much what I use to do. I have software on my laptop for Allen Bradley, but no longer work at a place that uses them. The stuff we use at current place of employment not ideal, and I don’t have the software anyway.

Having a background in industrial automation, I was curious to see what you were doing, and definitely wasn’t expecting to find you using a plc.


Yeah, @dbrn32, if I had to pay for the controller, software, I/O modules, etc I would have just wired up a couple of timers and been done. Having access to automation equipment made the decision for me. Plus, it is fun to see just what you can accomplish with a bit of thought, hardware and software. I specialize in Allen Bradley Control Logix. Way, Way over kill for this little project.


We upgraded all our plc 5 slc 500 to the control logix. I agree! A micro logix would do, but I’m not buying that either lol.


@dbrn32 Even a little EZ-Automation integrated PLC/HMI is around $800 plus software $200. If I had that much money laying around with nothing to do, I would buy more lights. :cowboy_hat_face::man_teacher: Not a PLC.


Exactly! Would be much different if I still worked at old place of employment. I would have to buy very little out of pocket that’s for sure.