First grow for medical use

What strain, ILGM White Widow Autoflower

• Method: local garden center mix without added nutrients

• Vessels: 3 gallon fabric pot

• nutrients no label from same garden center during veg 20-5-5 blooming 5-25-20

• Indoor: one plant in closet lined with mylar

• Light system: second hand bloom blaster LED, draws 100 watts

• Temps: Day and night 70 to 75

• Humidity: Day and night 45 to 55

• Ventilation system: two fans

First grow
Home hemodialysis patient, 27 years on dialysis, so access to RO water is easy. Making solution for dialysis requires RO water. I live in a medical state, that does not allow patients to grow, but I’m on a limited income and the state sanctioned supply system is over priced.
Anyway growing just one plant at a time, most all of which is destined for edibles.
So anyway this is Clarice she’s 47 days post germination today
I think not too bad for my first go


Looking nice.

Welcome aboard…


Welcome to the community. She is looking good.

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Welcome to the forum buddy. Great place to be btw. Happy growing

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Welcome! Clarice is a beauty.

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Welcome to the forum and great looking plant 🪴

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Looks great welcome!!

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