First grow...flowering

So I’m on my first grow. Indoors dwc I’m at 2 weeks flowering exactly. The strain is
Just the free ones from mnsl and one cherry kush. I had been reading this site for a while and ended up ordering from the wrong place. I’m sorry. Next will be purchased here.

But back to question today is 2 weeks flowering. I did zero trimming as it’s my first time and that’s what seemed to be recommended here. However now I’m getting pressure from another grower who stopped by and said I need to trim. I said it’s too late now because I’m too into flower. So that’s what I’m wondering. Should I listen to him or just do planned coarse and take this grow as learning curve.


I trim right at the flip to 12/12 then another 3 weeks in. Then throughout the rest of flowering I’ll take a few fan leaves here and there


You don’t have to trim but most people do. All that spindly stuff at the bottom needs to go. Those are sucker branches. They suck energy from productive bud sites. The amount of buds that produces down there will be popcorn and negligible at best. Better off cleaning up your plants and redirecting that energy.



I did trim very small amounts since again first time.

However I developed a height issue and believe I should have topped this plant. I can’t move the light any further and I pulled the plant away from the light the best I could but still think the light is killing it.

I am 6 weeks into my 12/12 lighting. Should I cut the top away now still so the plant isn’t sending nutrients to a site that is being damaged?