First grow. Flowering too long it seems

Hello all,

Hello all. I have a Caramel candy kush clone that was given to me to which I was not fully prepared for. I did buy a few items such as the felt co![1103201837|690x328]trainer and a all spectrum grow light (my light setup is a little whack with 3 different sources). The grow space is in the loft of my garage in the lower northeast. It’s uncontrolled for temp and humidity. It’s the only place I could get the “ok” lol.

Not knowing enough and doing some basic research in the beginning I fooled around with some LST with tying down. At some point mid veg the whole plant fell over and partially dumped out. I repositioned it best I could and away we went. this plant was not given nutrients late in veg and now into flower. I can’t tell if it’s a mess or what. I know now I’d have uneven canopy also.

I transitioned to 12/12 on Aug 26th and the trichomes are messing with me. It’s getting colder so maybe that is stunting the maturity? I have new white pistils and growth growing still and the trichomes are all over the place. I need some eyes on this thing to help me figure it out.
'I am also worried about the size of the buds but I’m thinking I have so many colas it’s spread? Sound reasonable? I also wonder about light stress. I raised the lights a bit.

Some vids because I can’t old steady the scope. All different buds. Mostly the largest.

Appreciate the assist.

I’d love to get some thoughts on where this plant is at.




Welcome to the forum.

Your plant has started to foxtail. There are several threads that you can search with more explanation, but the down and dirty is that new female parts are growing on top of mature female parts and will keep doing it. The new parts are clear or cloudy, old parts are probably amber at this point.

Cut it down.


Welcome to the community and congrats on your grow!!
I’m with @CMichGrower, the foxtails will continue to grow and produce more white pistils. Check the trichomes about 1/3rd the way down on the plant and not the foxtails (and not the sugar leaves). They look ready to me as well but kinda hard to see in the pics.

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Thank you for the replies. It was an interesting first experience. Looks like harvest tomorrow…

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Or, give it 24hrs of darkness before cutting it down.

Beautiful plant. Better to take it a little late than a little early, IMO.

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Thank you it was a very interesting grow in not so good conditions (garage loft in CT. I did have a box fan to an open hay window but it surly got hot up there, And then now cold. I have to dry it in the same space. IT will not be ideal conditions. It’s been an experience thus far. haha.

24 hours? I can certainly do that. Kinda halt the growth? Do you feel I am on the late side?


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Our weather is going to be okay for drying, although an indoor environment with 60f/60%rh would be ideal.

The dark period doesn’t exactly do anything at all. It’s that light might be deleterious to terpenes and thc. The idea is the plants will be more aromatic after a lengthy dark period.

This is from Blackthumbbetty on the forum side and she does a 36-48 hour dark period (so do I).

“All those things supposedly stress the plant into ripening up faster, because it starts to think autumn is coming. It also makes the plant protect itself by swelling up its trichs to protect from the cold”.

I’ve read the same thing on several large cannabis testing lab sites as well. Who knows? This is one of those topics you’ll get a hundred different answers about. It certainly doesn’t hurt the plant as long as it doesn’t start to die. A lot of people also flush their plants for a week and starve them of additional nutrients in order for the plant to use up their remaining nutrients in order to eliminate some of the chemical tastes.

Not to be a smart ass, but senescence is the act of dying. Trichome production is not going to be significantly impacted by dark or light over a couple days. It takes more time than that to form a trichome let alone ripen it.
There seem to be an equal amount of evidence to disprove the light deprivation technique as to prove it.
Either way it wont make much difference.

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