First grow, flowering time?

So this is my first big grow indoors I’ve done ever, I’ve done a couple small plants outside but just watched friends other than that. So what I was wondering is if you think my plants are ready to go into flowering??? Hoping to get a 1/4 lb per.. This strand is berry bomb the one 5 are iced widow Tallest 2 plants are a little over 2 feet tall all indica’s and being ran under a 1000 watt hps for flowering, also have 2 bags of exhale co2 bags above plants using foxfarm nuts,cal mag, hydroguard and running RO water


Youll have 4 foot plants so if you have lots of head room it up to you …they double in size
But id say go for it they look great

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In a word …YES they look big enough to induce flower .

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