First grow . First week or so of flowering

Need some help sexing and some help getting o2 to my
Roots and nutrient pointers plant 1.

plant 2.
Plant 3.

Photos havent loaded try loading them 1 by 1

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I think I fixed it bud :smiley:

I’d say they are female but maybe have to wait a few more days to he 100% sure I’m sure someone with more experience will comment soon @Covertgrower

lookin female, closer pics would help

Girl first photo.

Undecided 2nd… change the angle n better focus right here

3rd looks too early except this might be :peanuts:


Yep! ^^^

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Both 1 and two confirmed female going to upload a close up of number 3 today because I’m still unsure . It is a haze plant so the flowering cycle is super long :woman_facepalming:t2:

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All female guys pictures coming soon !


Congrats! Where are our pics?!?