First grow first seed to pop up


Looks very good for not pHing the water for several weeks.


All LST is is low stress training its getting the under growth to grow more @Slim420 I went and got that padded growing wire You can literally take a piece of that and just bend her over so your exposing the leaves on the bottom then those leaves having extra light will grow more You can get like 8 huge colas along with the secondary and tertiary branches. The top will continue to grow toward the light but the bottom leaves have more light so they will also grow to the light. If you go on youtube and look for the channel From Seed To Stoned look at his first two seasons he only grew autos he LST all of them so you can actually see what i am talking about visually.


o i see you have stakes with twist ties already you can just pull the top of the plant toward the stick then the undergrowth will grow up toward the light on its own. Just trying to get you the best yield for your but on a Auto.


Thanks @Rayofsunshine. I appreciate you and everyone else’s help , and I need all I can get.



I agree your plants look awesome. Keep up the good work and keep us posted You have any problem you just tag us and we’ll be here. And by the way…WELCOME TO ILGM


They look great considering you weren’t Ph-ing the water, god job.