First grow first seed to pop up


Here are my girls are at 7 and 8 days old. They seem to be doing all right although the leaves on one of them were kind of funky. What do you guys think?


They look good. Those first leaves sometimes grow a little funky, she’ll grow out of it.



Thanks @raustin , I’ve been worrying about overwatering and underwatering and I hope I’m just driving myself crazy over nothing


Don’t drive yourself crazy. Lol. Underwatering is better than overwatering.


Hear are my girls at 2 weeks. I’ve been leaving the Dome on because I’ve been getting low on humidity but I broke down today and bought a humidifier. @Sirsmokes , @raustin, @Covertgrower, @blackthumbbetty, @James68, @Vexer, @basementstealth![20181227_131547|666x500]




She looks good.


thank you Raustin . Those are two different plants


@Slim420 the first one is stretching a little for light. Lower your light source a little at a time. Otherwise looking good!


They both look good.


I’ll be watching. Best of luck on your grow!


I’m using Fox Farm Happy Frog and ocean Forest. When should I start using nutrients @Covertgrower


@Slim420 about 6 weeks into veg, give or take. Keeping a watch for nitrogen deficiencies first. If you see any start a light dose. Easier to underfeed than it is to flush a toxicity out.


Here are my girls at 1 month. I assume their in the vegetative state oh, but I’m not sure. I’ve been using distilled water but about a week ago I started giving them pH water and it seems like it really helped them. If anybody has any ideas to help me out please let me know , thank-you. @garrigan65. @Sixpackdad . @Sirsmokes , @Vexer , @blackthumbbetty , @basementstealth , @raustin



Thanks for the tag. Your plant looks perfect. Nice work!!


It would have gone that far without you guys and this great forum


I would tie her down now since you don’t really top or fim autos do some lst to get a bigger yield


@Rayofsunshine , what would be the best way to do that