First grow first seed to pop up


White Widow Auto. Happy Frog soil over top of ocean Forest. 600 watt LED light. 24 by 48 tent. I almost missed this. I didn’t even see it and I think I overwatered a little bit


Yay !..:seedling::rainbow::droplet::sun_with_face:


@Sirsmokes @blackthumbbetty @basementstealth @Familyman


It’s a bit over watered but otherwise looks good! Congrats. First grow is nerve-wracking and fun


Thank you. Yes sir it definitely is nerve-wracking , LOL.


It’s worth all the headache in the end.


its nur cfre


@Slim420 keep an eye on the shell over the leaves. Just make sure the shell gets shed. Yes, over watered, soil should be damp, but not wet. Check back the next day on it for the shell.


I’ve been a little worried about the soil drying out but I will watch over watering it. Her sister popped up today. That’s 100% germination and two out of three seeds that made it so far


patience Grasshopper…:seedling:


I get up close and breathe warm CO2 over my baby gals…its weird but then so am I (in the best of ways) :man_farmer::seedling::sunny::droplet::rainbow::bouquet:


I’ve always heard talking to your plants is a good thing. And there’s nothing wrong with being weird, normal people suck


I play mellow jazz and classical music to my Gal’s and yes, they each have a name…but they are very susceptible to stressful vibes

Strive to be happy ! :man_farmer::rainbow:


I have to say I hate those burple lights you can’t tell what they’re doing. Should I leave the domes on still


Here is her sister that popped up yesterday


Yes leave the domes on so the humidity stays higher.


Thanks @Covertgrower I definitely need to keep the humidity up. I just checked and it’s at 33%


Take the shell off lol. It’s easy if you are careful. I like to use 2 toothpicks and go to the open part and spread those cheeks open.


@Slim420 anytime.


I must have read your mind because that’s exactly what I did , LOL.