First Grow First Post

First grow. First post. Northern lights, Amnesia haze, and Blueberry auto. These plants are at 10 weeks. Actually almost 11 full weeks. Had a few mishaps along the way. Used a spray bottle with bleach once around week 6. Arg! Last week i accepted the fact i had a ph imbalance and some nutrient deficiencies which i believe was caused by the ph imbalance. Everything has been corrected. And have just been giving water
Getting anxious and not sure if they are curtailed. They didnt grow as tall as i thought they would. Just curious of what yall think. Thanks.


Also they dont smell as pungent as i thought they would.

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Welcome to the community ! Also congratulations on your first grow looking good.

:blush: :pray: thanks.

Welcome. There are many experienced growers here that will help you! I am from the era of take the bag seeds and throw them by the creek and see what is around in the Fall!

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Looking good, getting frosty :+1:

Welcome to the forum