First grow, first post


Will do @Rugar89


Watered/fed everyone on my lunch, and lowered the light about 4”, kept the power up… for now. @dbrn32 I even removed the leaves first @Rugar89


@dbrn32 just checked the tent, everyone is leaning towards the light. So that’s improvement from before I adjusted it. Everyone but one, is happy. I’ll sacrifice the one to keep everyone else happy. No signs of bleaching yet. Should I wait a few days and lower a bit more? (I’m adventurous)


Sounds good bro! I’d give it at least a couple days. If you gradually increase the intensity they see you can usually get a little more at them than you would be hitting them hard all at once.


@Dkr8180 here ya go. Read as much as you’d like. My current space I’m in a shed outside with a boiler for some heat. Feel free to scroll as much as you’d like. You might get some ideas for lighting, I went from not enough to more than enough. I grow in a 4X8 tent for right now. Always looking to expand.


@Covertgrower thanks bro!
I’ve got plenty of light, my next level is onto Co2!


Here’s the rest of the tent. @everyone they’re showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, but I’ve added a little extra N this last time around and still recovering. Has anyone else had this with the FF nutrient line? Just wondering.
I think this is the 5th week of the schedule change to 12/12. Still producing pistols everywhere. Monster crop clones are filling out very nicely. Would recommend.
So here’s a question for anyone following a long. As everyone knows I’m relocating. Should I just monster crop clones from this grow? I don’t really want to drop beans, because I will be unable to take any clones due to the timing moving.
Are clones the best option?
September-October is the best window I have for moving. So they would finish before I leave, and can leave the harvest with some people that would love to have that amount before I left.
I also will not be able to take any harvest with me. That might be too risky to drive literally across the whole country with any amount. I will not deny that I have thought about it. Anyone’s thoughts are respected and considered. Thanks for being there grow family.


Ya, I would get something going. I’ve only cloned from vegging plants, but you’re kinda in limbo time wise.


So should I drop seeds or do you think I should clone? @dbrn32 I have 20 jack Herer beans…
Along with
sour d
Lemon haze
Mauie wowie
And train wreck.


When you planning on leaving?


September or October @dbrn32


Trainwreck doesn’t have a tendency to flower ridiculously long right?


Ilgm says 56 days I believe. @dbrn32


63 days. This post must be…


Maybe drop one or two of those? You can probably do something similar with them, grab a couple of lowers from each and flower them after rooting. They’ll produce more that way than as 2nd or third rate bud.


Might try that. I could make edibles. With everything. Less suspicious at least I suppose. @dbrn32


No likes obviously. What’s the deal with monstercropping, just takes a little longer to get going?


Taken during flower, I have two currently in the tent. Loaded with flowers. I’ll get a a couple of pictures tomorrow for you. I would do it again. They stay short and bushy, but they’ll end up looking like @Bogleg ‘s short fat football clone I’m hoping but the GSC is an average producer, nothing heavy.
You have to give them a week or two extra to return to to veg. But they always have lots of flowers on them even during veg.


Gotcha. I’m familiar with the process. I just wasn’t sure where the extra time came from.

You could probably do that too and just save your beans. Either way, you should probably get moving on it lol. Do you have a spot to veg in?


I don’t, but I could pick up a box doesn’t have to be really big. I have additional lighting. More China! Yeah I need to get moving on the cloning.