First grow, first post


I hear that. We do what we must. Hopefully your Dad will be in board with the CBD oil. I’m sure he will be though. I’ve seen there might be great benefits to it do it certainly can’t hurt!


I know your going through a lot right now, but any chance of posting a close-up photo of the light bleaching? Just wanting to know what it looks like so I can look out for it as I’m lowering my light a little at a time.


I can get that for you tomorrow @Rugar89 lights are out for the night. I’ll tag you.


Thank you Bro., Just whenever you get a chance, or think of it. No hurry. :+1:


@Rugar89 @dbrn32 maybe the light burn isn’t as bad I’m thinking it is? All I know is this grow is a mess compared to my first one. I have two monster cropped clones that have an abundance of leaves and small flowers down below. Should I defoliate and give the upper growth a better chance? Anyone’s opinions are appreciated.
Most of the damage is on the GSC in the back, and one OG Kush. Some of the new growth has some slight bleaching to it, but not all of it.
Monster crop clone first.


Not a bad idea. I don’t think those more severely damaged leaves are going to do much anyway.


I took a bunch of smaller growth from the underside of my monster cropped clones, but they are scrog’d.

I think I would take off the damaged leaves to keep them from sucking up resources.


@GreenThunder @dbrn32 @BIGE
So I did some extensive defoliating before I watered. I removed anything dead, bleached or questionable. Small undergrowth was removed.
I really want to thank all of you who suggested this because I’ve been under a lot of stress and spending time in the garden was very therapeutic.
I put the “naughty” plants in the corners because of their distaste of light. Haha.
All of the rest of the plants actually look a lot healthier and have tons of new growth I didn’t see because I was just looking at the sad yellow leaves. Here’s some more recent pics afterwards. I didn’t get a close up of the monster crop clones but they got the most extensive “leaf cut”.


Therapeutic indeed. I always feel good after spending time with the girls :green_heart: It’s a great way to get the day started :grinning:


Hopefully they’ll kick into high gear here pretty quick.


@dbrn32 my bet is about one more week. They’re a bit behind the non stressed clones. After looking at them all individually they have tons of promise to produce more flowers, and compared to the first grow, I’m getting great canopy penetration. I would say it’s double the flower sites along the branches. The naughty ones in the corner, I dont know if those will be all that great in the end. We’ll just wait and see.
Playing in the garden which allowed me to examine each plant, gave me encouragement that they’re doing better than I thought.


I think they look much better now. Not only did you get rid of leaves that were doing nothing, you opened them up for light to get to the lower branches to promote new growth. They will look great in another week or two.


Thanks @Rugar89 it was a lot of time, and pinching. I think it will give them the improvement they need.


And make sure you get all the clippings removed from the pots.


I left them in there. I’ll remove those tomorrow. Mold issues if I don’t remove them? @Rugar89


Yes. Not only mold, but PH issue as well.


That actually makes sense. My boss’ grow had PH issues, and he left all of his trimmings in the pot… thanks for that @Rugar89


Yep, that’s the way I see it. There’s definitely still a few beauties in there.


Here’s a short garden update. After extensive removal, heat issues under control, I see more improvement. It was a rough start, the pride in what I’m growing is coming back. @Rugar89 I didn’t get a chance to get the clippings out of there yet. It’s on the list. Everyone is shooting out pistols really well now. I always forget how slow this process is.


You should get them out before you water. They look great! :+1: