First grow, first post


sorry to hear this @Covertgrower ALZ is not easy to deal with.
i just laid my gmother to rest who had it,her mother had it,i probably will too if i live long enough…
one piece of advise,make sure you have a structured support group of family and friends.
i cared for gmother for over 4 years,and i will never be the same.
not only does ALZ eat up its host,it will weigh heavy on you!
prayers, if you need a shoulder to lean on, i’m always willing to listen!


So Sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out for you and I will keep you in my prayers.
Here is a link to the Michigan medical MJ rules.,4601,7-154-79571---,00.html
I sure this link will be OK to post.s a its government website with no advertising.

As far as strains go, I have no idea. I really didn’t know it was used to treat Alzheimer.

Do you know what area you are going to be living in?

Keep us updated. And let me know if there is anything I can help you with



That is tough news to take Sir, and you have my deepest empathy and support (that which can be conveyed electronically). Very difficult diagnosis for you and your family and Mom to cope with. You have my utmost respect and appreciation for placing self interests aside for the sake of your Mom and Dad. My folks are gone and nothing gets me riled more than a lack of appreciation and devotion to ones parents. Best of luck and prayers sent for all of you!


Sorry to hear that news
God bless bro and best wishes


I’m so sorry about your mom. I’m also proud of you for putting your family above all else. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could do more :hugs:


Sorry to hear your news @Covertgrower I’m sure there is a way to help her out


Thanks @Zombo @Countryboyjvd1971 @MAXHeadRoom @Screwauger
Thanks for the support. I’ll be moving into southwest MI, probably at the rents’ house. I’ll be 40 mins from BC, 30 mins from Kalamazoo.
I’m really conflicted inside about moving. I love this area, and extremely small town feel. I’ve always hated the the public, and keep a wary eye on everyone who walks in a door. I guess I could always move back? It’s all in the air right now.


Well I hope everything works out. Its always nice to have a grower near you.

We are getting 12" of snow tomorrow so I could really use the help in shoveling the snow. How soon can you be here


Ya, wish it was under different circumstances, but Kalamazoo 2 hours or so from me.


lol @MAXHeadRoom if I make the morning flight in an hour, I could be there by about 6pm. @dbrn32 will have to pick me up from O’hare. Unless Detroit is an option. I prefer Chicago, I miss UNO’s pizza and Intellgentsia coffee. I appreciate the laugh though, and love every minute of the snow.
@dbrn32 I can always head closer to the border of MI, it’s a bit closer anyways. Without giving away too much. About 40 mins to New Buffalo, MI. Pretty much the best place in MI, equal to everything but in a rural area. I sure miss the farm country.


I’m familiar. If you need a ride from O’Hare I’d b happy to help.


I have family that can pick me up, no worries on that. I really appreciate the thought. That means a lot. When I do make the move, I’ll definitely visit the Chicago area. Couldn’t live there though. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee sometime if you’re up for it. (If you even like coffee… lol) @dbrn32


Ya I’m down for that. Know what you mean about Chicago lol. Technically I’m a little south, but not far enough!

I wander in what would be your direction every once in a while too.


Ok @dbrn32 just to let you know we are at 20 something inches from the tops of plants and still bleaching a few leaves here and there. We haven’t stretched much. This evidence is on all of the brand new leaves that are coming out. On a few plants. Others are okay with that much light. So, I’ll raise it about 2-4” more. Too much light. What a problem to have. Here’s an over all shot of the tent. A lot of yellow, but we are getting EXCELLENT canopy penetration.


Also, I cut the nitrogen a bit too soon. But I have since given them more. So you’ll see some nitrogen deficiency. Worst clone grow ever. Can’t wait to start again with better genetics this time around.


Another factor I guess were the heat issues. I guess there’s always next grow to get it right!


I had one like to use lol. We definitely reserve the right to get better, that’s for sure! In your defense, you have replaced almost all of your equipment. So there’s definitely going to be a learning curve.

Something you may be able to do is get those light sensitive plants to edges of cobs. Or even outside of the footprint of cobs all together.

As you know, I’ve been poking around at changing up my nutes. One of the things that going back through my notes shows is using quite a bit more nitrogen in early flower along with the calmag pretty much throughout since switching to cobs. I’ll venture to say it’s something you can probably get use to doing.


I’m so sorry to hear this @Covertgrower. Family is everything. My thoughts are with you and yours.


Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas. I’ll move the couple in between COB’s and maybe even outside of them if I can. I really don’t want to raise the fixture unless I have to. I’ll admit the lighting footprint is fairly even. Thanks @dbrn32


Thanks @Tylan it’s another mountain to climb in life. I’m still settling in with the diagnosis. Started research. There are significant amounts of research and cannabis related to Alzheimer’s. All of them good, including just straight THC actually. It’s a lot of molecular speak, but it dissolves the plaque that blocks signals to the dying parts of the brain. I can’t make her live forever, but if I can Prolong her life of being comfortable I’m going to do my best.